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Types of fishing lures and their uses

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Let’s talk about Types of fishing lures and their uses. What kind of lures are there, and what do they mainly be used for.

Did you know that Frogs carved from broomsticks by James Heddon were the original fishing lures.

While throwing a stick he carved into a local lake known as the Mill Pond, he saw a bass take a bite. That was back in 1898.

James and his son Will manufactured the first fishing lures in 1902.

Because of that, we now have these artificial baits that help us catch more fish! so thank you James Heddon!

Now, let’s get into the different Types of fishing lures and their uses

Types of lures

When it comes to fishing lures. The water you’re fishing in, The time of the year that you’re fishing and the weather conditions have an effect on the kind of lure that you’ll need to catch yourself a great game fish.

There’re many types of lures, they have all different shapes, sizes, and even colors. Anglers have quite some selection when it comes to choosing which to fish lures to use.

The following are the different types of lures that most anglers include in their fishing gear list.


fishing jigs

These lures operate exceptionally well in cold water that is anywhere from clear to somewhat muddied as this is when the bass will be lingering on any cover they can find.

Jigs are what many refer to as presentation lures. The key to operating them correctly is by making them appear as lifelike as possible with a slow presentation.

Jigs have one hook to their lead headed, sturdy bodies.

As long as you have a suitable weed guard.

Jigs can be more effective than other lures in the thickest weeds and vegetation that a bass might hide in.

Jigs effortlessly find their way into hard to reach places discreetly as to not alarm the fish or spooking other fish around them.

To catch tuna, trout or pike, use jig lures. Also use jig lures for long casting.

Spoons and Spinners

Spoons lure are a basic metal that resembles a spoon. When you recover them they make a wobbling movement which is alluring to fish. Spinner fishing lure has a cutting edge that turns and rotating movement emits a reflection which emulates the light flickering off of fish scales in the water. When you are recovering spinners, you can change the speed that you recover thus influencing it to resemble a hurt fish. In case you’re angling for pike, the large spinner can be awesome however in the event that you go in for mullet or trout attempt a littler size.

The two imitate baitfish (generally) and can both be very powerful as a fishing lure. The two most famous kind of spinner and spoons are likely Rooster Tails for spinner and Daredevils for the spoons.

The daredevil spoon in the color red and white have for some time been known as the great pike lure.

The Rooster Tails are magnificent for trout and smallmouth bass angling. Are the spinners and spoons the best fishing bait? That is for you to choose.

Jerk and Soft Bait

Jerk bait doesn’t have movements all alone. However, enables the fisher to jerk them and breath life into them like an injured fish or worm. You cast them in the water and after that make a jerky movement with your bar which stimulates motion of the harmed fish influencing it to resemble tasty morsels to the fish you are attempting to attract.

soft bait is delicate elastic lures that mainly looks like long worms or frogs or a pack of different shapes.

These are normally utilized with a weighted jig head.

They withdraw gradually or in a jerky movement.

Light and heavy Standard Casting Lures

light and heavy lures

The Light standard lures can be utilized to get a large scope of fish. Which includes certain kinds of bass if recover information eases back to medium speed.

1/16 of an ounce to 3 ounce fishing lures are commonly used to catch freshwater fish.

For bass and walleye, use these lures.

Much the same as some other lures, they arrive in an assortment of shape, color, and size.

Surface Lures

surface lures

These are lures that you retrieve along the surface of the water. They are fun to use since the fish explodes up out of the water to take in the lure.

You should use these if you’re fishing in waters with a lot of weeds because they stay on top and are less likely to get tangled.

Surface lures come in all kinds of colors and shapes and it’s fun to pick them out in the store and find the ones that work best for you.

Floating Divers

floating divers

This type of fishing lure sinks into the water after you cast and can cover depths up to 15 feet or more.

This depends on the angle of the lure. A lure with a smaller angle will dive deeper than a lore with a bigger angle. Depending on the depth of the water that your target fish hangs out in will dictate the type of lure you use.

Deadly diamond Lure

These are little fishing lures that are under 1 ounce and are utilized to get the small size fish.

It’s cut with a diamond-shape on top and the light reflect from this, thus, attracting the fish.

These lures are primarily used by walleye and crappie anglers, but they work just as well on other small species.

Minnow Imitations

The minnow imitation fishing lure is more than likely the sort of fish lure that everywhere throughout the world is familiar with.

These are the fishing lure that resembles baitfish and comes in the majority of colors and sizes that real baitfish are accessible in.

These kinds of fishing lure are additionally accessible in color that even a 3-year old could love.

There are minnow imitation fish lures that dive a couple of feet deep to around thirty feet.

You can cover the whole water table with minnow imitation.

The most mainstream of these kinds of fishing lures are the Rapala’s.

Rapala’s are produced using balsa wood and are lifelike, effective and realistic fishing lures.

Another realistic and lifelike fishing lure is the KickTail Minnow.

The KickTail Minnow is new to the fishing lure market and looks as much like a genuine baitfish.

Most importantly the minnow imitation is precisely what the name proposes-fishing lure that imitates minnows. However, these shows the main types of fishing lures and their uses as used by the fishermen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we end this article on the many types of lures. Let’s cover some frequently asked questions.

How can you tell a jig bite?

Bites on a jig range from a sharp “thump” to a mild “tick” in your rod handle that you can feel. Your line will often just start moving to the side or come straight at you (this usually indicates a quality fish).

Do you use a bobber with a jig?

For several different situations, bobber jigging is a quick but successful presentation. A basic bobber attached to the line above your jig is the bobber jig setup. A slip bobber or a stationary bobber attached to the line may be the bobber. You can bobber jig in deep water or crappie in shallow water.

Are old fishing lures valuable?

Typically, the most valuable lures are made from wood and have glass eyes. There may be some very rare cases worth more than $20,000. However most will not be nearly that important and cost between $25 and several hundred per piece.


There you have it, those were the different Types of fishing lures and their uses. As always, we hope that you enjoyed this post about fishing lures and their uses. Always remember to use the best lure suited for what you are trying to achieve.

You may be interested in reading some of our other post such as daredevil lure for trout or how to tie a fish hook.

Feel free to follow us on facebook and Instagram and be sure to bookmark our page. Till next post have a safe fishing trip!

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