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Spearfishing float line setup

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if you’re looking for a Spearfishing float line setup guide then you’ve come to the right page. We will cover everything you need to know about setting up your spearfishing float line.

Before we get started with your setup for your float line. You should have a spearfishing float ready, if you don’t have a spearfishing float then be sure to read our article on the best spearfishing floats.

Now let’s get started with our guide on how to setup a spearfishing float line.

Spearfishing float setup

Many newcomers in the spearfishing sport have a lot of questions on how to set up their spearfishing float line.

Well, spearfishing float line setup is not rocket science, all you need is simply to ensure all goes on well.

Here are some simple setup options you can try to achieve better results.

Get A Good Spearfishing Float

First and foremost, you need to get a good and affordable float. There are many in the market that you can choose from
according to your preference.

They usually come equipped with shooting line, power band and shaft hence are ready to use. Choose one made from quality
material to ensure it will last longer.

Secure Connection

secure float line connection

The first option is to create a secure connection between your float and your speargun which will allow you to release your gun without the risk of losing it.

This connection is achieved by connecting the end of your float line to the butt loop of your gun with the other end clipped onto your dive float.

After shooting a fish, allow it to run and tire then come back to your float. Put some pressure on the fish to avoid slack in the line.

Pull the fish to the surface once it stops to rest.

Break-away Adapter

breakaway adapter

The second option needs you to use a break-away adapter to attach your shooting line directly to your float line.
This method relieves you from extra drag created when you are pulled through the water during the fight.

Make sure you thread your arms through the powerbands of your spear band and secure it tightly to your body ensuring you don’t loose your gun.

Return to the surface after securing your gun and stay near your float.

Take hold of the float and exert some pressure to tire the fish before finally bringing it to the surface.

Mounting Your Reel

dive float reel mount

Another option is mounting the reel directly to your spear gun.

Ensure you attach the reel underneath the gun and forward from the trigger.

This setup allows you to be in control of how much spear line a fish can take.

Ensure you adjust the tension knob so as to minimize the pressure for pulling the line.

Return to the surface and stay close to your float.

Keep the line taught and under control as the fish will make several attempts to try to escape.

Once the fish is tired, pull it to the surface. This method is more advanced than the first two hence it is used to catch big fish.

How to attach float line to spear gun

There are many methods you can use to attach a float line to your spear gun depending on the type of fish you are targeting and the water areas you are going to hunt on.

These are four simple ways that are suitable for beginners.

Using Hardlines

Hardlines offer the simplest way which only involves attaching a length of rope to the gun and a float using swivel and fish threader at the ends.

This method allows you to have total control of how much line a fish can play with.

This method is simple and gives you minimum dragging pressure.

Use Bungees

Bungees stretch and absorb some strain in fighting fish by putting less strain on the system and fish flesh.

They are made from synthetic polymer and rubber and has a hollow and air-filled allowing them to float easily.

Use reels

Reels enable you to move free in the water since you don’t need a line or float. You simply shoot the fish and swim back
to the surface.

You need to have the minimum amount of line in your reel as possible to prevent tangles.

Use slip tips

This is suitable for use if you are targeting big fish as it aids penetration and retaining fish and also minimize
damage to your gear.

Dive float setup

A simple dive float setup involves only two steps. First, you need to secure the line to the anchor then secure the loose ends.

Then attach the line to the ring under the float by forming a loop in the anchor line after you’ve dropped the anchor to the bottom.

Spearfishing gear

spearfishing gear
Floats; have floats with multiple anchor points and those that can easily support your weight when you get tired.

Speargun; Speargun is the most important part of your setup and you need to start with a smaller and less powerful gun
if you are a beginner.

Spearfishing mask; Spearfishing mask is another gear you need and the simpler the better for you.

Other gears you need for spearfishing include spearfishing snorkel, wetsuit, fins, socks, gloves, knife, weight belt, and float.

As a beginner, always start with simple and advance to complex gear when you become a pro.

DIY spearfishing float

There are simple ways you can make easy and cheap float lines and enjoy your fishing without buying an expensive one.

What you need is just muti stand sky rope and tie granny loop knob at each end.

Melt cut the ropes to ensure you get a smooth finish.

Crimp a loop in the mono at one end float.

Crimp another mono at the other end of the float and have your complete float and float line.

Float line clutch

Float line clutch has led to the advanced technology in spearfishing which speeds up the recovery of your fish and allows
you to adjust the length without having to clip and unclip your floatline.

Catching large fish is safer and efficient as it automatically locks the float line when fighting a fish.

You can move your float line to any position when diving in a shallow reef.

How to make a float line spearfishing for beginners Australia

  • Use the minimum line as possible and that only suits the diving you are doing. A long line will get tangled up
    when washed by the waves.
  • Add a bungee to your gear as it stretches out hence minimizing pressure. It also takes the pressure of the fish
    when it runs out. The stretching of the bungee also helps prevent waves from
    pulling your float back to the beach when you are swimming out.
  • Swim through the surf with a short line, this will put down the pressure on the float.

Homemade float line

You can save a lot of money by making your own float line at home. These are simple steps you can

  1. Buy 10 to 20 meters vinyl tubing from your local store.
  1. Use a pulling line to thread either mono or dynema.
  1. Attach a builder’s line to the nail and use a magnet to pull the line and the nail through a magnet.
  1. Tie off to barrel swivels
  1. Glue them together into place

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we end this article, let’s cover some basic and most frequently asked questions about spearfishing.

Do you need a float for spearfishing?

Floats are a valuable component of your kit for spearfishing and serve many purposes. Firstly, when you spear a fish, the floats prevent you from losing your gun. The fish will take flight when you spear a fish. You’ll need to return to the air suface, so it’s essential that if you need to you’re able to let go of your gun.

How long should my float line be?

32 ‘is a reasonable length. However, it all depends on how far you end up diving. If you don’t intend to go deeper than 20-25 ft, then you should get a line which accommodate that depth. However, if you go deeper, when you’re trying to shoot a fish, you don’t want to have the line pulling at your gun.

How do you die spearfishing?

Spearfishing is an extremely dangerous sport. Always be sure to dive with a partner, you could experience a Shallow Water Blackout (Hypoxic Blackout) results from hypoxia (low oxygen) to the brain. This is very common with freediving and can cause you to drown.

Do you need a dive flag for spearfishing?

Depending on where you are, it can be legally required. However, if you aren’t legally required to use a dive flag it is still highly recommended for your safety. Having a dive flag makes boaters aware that you are in the water which prevents you from getting crushed by a boat.

Bottom Line

The easiest way to tie a length of rope to your speargun and a float is given by Hardlines. In combating fish, bungees expand and absorb some pressure by placing less strain on the system and fish. As you don’t need a line or float, reels allow you to move free in the water.

Now that you know how to properly setup your spearfishing float line, the next thing to do, is to go out and spear some fish.

But before that, make sure to read our other articles covering spearfishing, such as the best freediving mask or our reviews on the best speargun and reel combos

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