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15 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About The Blue MARLIN

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A marlin is a fish belonging to the Istiophoridae family, which comprises about 10 species. It has an elongated body, a snout or bill similar to a spear, and a long, rigid dorsal fin reaching forward to form a crest.

It is suspected that its common name derives from its similarity to the marlinspike of a sailor.

Marlins are among the quickest underwater swimmers, reaching 22 mph in short bursts.

A species that can easily be identified is the blue marlin. In the temperate and tropical waters of the Atlantic, India and Pacific Oceans, this magnificent creature lives.

Blue marlin will swim near to the water’s surface, or dive to the great depths when searching for fish.

Increased boat traffic (which leads to accidental collisions), over-fishing and accidental caught (bycatch with other fish species , especially tuna) are major threats to the survival of blue marlins.

Blue marlins are not on the list of endangered species, but due to uncontrolled fishing and ocean pollution, they could become endangered in the near future.

Here Are 15 Facts About The Blue Marlin

  1. The Blue Marlin is a huge fish. Females are between 3 and 4 times bigger than males. It is possible for larger specimens to exceed 14 feet in length and almost 2000 pounds in weight. Blue marlin, on average, typically reaches 11 feet in length and 200 to 400 pounds in weight.
  2. The blue marlin’s dorsal (back) side is dark blue while the color of the belly is silver white.
  3. The elongated body of the blue marlin has a long tail, a prominent dorsal fin and a sharp, spear-shaped upper jaw.
  4. The spear-shaped jaw is used by the blue marlin to capture fish. Crustaceans, fish (mackerel, tuna), dolphins and squids feed on it.
  5. The blue marlin will pass through a thick school of fish during the chase and cause injuries with its spear. Dead or wounded fish will float around and they will be scooped quickly by the blue marlin afterwards.
  6. To find food, Blue Marlin relies on the sight of the eye. It hunts during the day.
  7. The blue marlin has 24 vertebrae, giving it superlative power in water. It can move at a speed of 60 miles per hour.
  8. Blue marlins, which can grow up to 11-feet long, have few natural enemies, including white sharks, mako sharks, and humans.
  9. Blue marlins are very lively and powerful animals. They often leap out of the water. They also exhibit acrobatic and powerful movements as they try to release themselves from hooks.
  10. Blue marlins typically swim alone, but they will sometimes swim in pairs and rarely in schools.
  11. Blue Marlin is a migratory species. They move from one place to another to escape cold water temperatures (they prefer warm water to live in).
  12. The blue marlin mating season occurs during the summer or in the autumn.
  13. Female Marlins become sexually mature after reaching 265 pounds, whereas males become sexually mature at the age of three years.
  14. Females can reproduce 4 times in one season, releasing over 7 million eggs. Only a few eggs (less than 1%) survive until adulthood. Most of the eggs are eaten by other marine creatures.
  15. Blue marlin females live an average 27 years in the wild, but males live much shorter lives – only 18 years.

Those were 15 secret things about marlin you may have not known about.

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