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The Best Inshore Saltwater Rod And Reel Combo

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Before we move on to some major key points.

Allow me to say that I am a firm believer in very efficient equipment and tackle.

In the world of fishing especially competitive ones on public lakes and fishing spots.

The major distinction in rod actions sizes smoothness and lightness of reels.

Are all game-changers in catching fishes.

That I am very much certain of.

But, the saltwater fishing world is a completely different discussion.

It’s not to say that high-end equipment is not relevant but that being said premium-quality equipment will not necessary get yourself a big catch.

It’s always an amazing aspect of inshore fishing.

The simplicity of equipment and tackle compare to the very critical and delicate methods in tournament-grade fishing gear.

Bass fishing has become relatively difficult to understand.

In fact. It has become so technical that most rod and reels have already been produced to do a specific job like cranking rods, flipping rods, frogging rods, swimbait rods and so on.

Take note that using cranking rods as your flipstick, or frogging rod as your drop-shot is really going to be a huge blow.

When  it comes to a face-off between spinning and casting gear

inshore saltwater fishing is commonly known as a spinning gear field. You wanna know why? It’s rather simple: Saltwater fishing inclines more to distance over the accuracy, while freshwater is the other way around. This may be because freshwater species are known to be closed water-oriented and therefore require more precise casts through and around objects. Saltwater species, on the other hand, are accustomed to open water and usually requires distance to reach.

A 1/8-ounce jig goes farther into the breeze on spinning tackle than on casting tackle – with far fewer backlashes.

Just a tip with saltwater fishing especially inshore or nearshore, you don’t really have to power fish in an instant from a nearby cover, so heavy-duty rod are not really required. A lot of saltwater fishing is done with open hooks and saltwater species/fishes are more aggressive and tend to hook themselves.

All these principles are laid out to you so we could build a conclusion: medium-action spinning tackle covers a lot of territory in inshore fishing. Yes, there are situations like casting spinnerbaits to marsh grass or pitching flood-tide reeds for redfish where more accurate tackle is required, but a medium-action spinning outfit is a standard in the inshore world

Having said that, I strongly recommend with just three averagely priced rod and reel combos – Its called

the Shakespeare Medium Action Ugly Stik Bigwater Combo

and you are all ready to go for almost every inshore fishing out there

this one would be considered one of the Best Inshore Saltwater Rod And Reel Combo

 Shakespeare Medium Action Ugly Stik Bigwater Combo

Shakespeare Medium Action Ugly Stik Bigwater Combo

So finally you get to know more about saltwater fishing inshore and its distinction from freshwater fishing.

So here’s a great pick for a saltwater fishing rod that we recommend you to use

— Dobyns Fury Series: For Inshore Saltwater Fishing Rod And Reel

This one is an averagely priced quality travel rod option.

Having said that I guess it is safe to say to that it isn’t priced just because of its name and every dollar spent is worth it.

This is one of the highest-rated travel spinning rods on the market, the Piscifun Graphite Spinning Rod.

It comes in 4 pieces and is very flexible not to mention portable and fishes well be in a hell of a battle with this kind of setup. You’ll like it, I know coz I liked it.


— Average Light and Superfast  Action Spinning Rod works great with 8-15lbs braid, mono, fluoro or super lines and 1/4- 1oz Lure.

— 24 million moduli revolutionary Carbon Fiber blank is built with new Armor Core Technology to make this extremely powerful, lightweight rod.

— High-quality Ceramic Guide sets are perfectly spaced for virtually friction-free line flow and maximum casting performance and sensitivity, so that line feeds through and runs back more freely.

— A multi-purpose hook keeper allows you to snug in a drop shot weight, rigged worm, spinnerbait, or crankbait. No more loose hardware.

— 4-Piece design travel rod is easy to put together and good for a backpacking trip


— it is pricey

If you have more bucks on your budget here’s another pick

Another Best inshore saltwater Rod and Reel Combo:

Mach 1 Speed Spool Combo From Lew’s Fishing

Mach 1 Speed Spool Combo From Lew’s Fishing

Mach 1 Speed Spool Combo From Lew’s Fishing

There is a reason that there are only 7 available during the time of this writing but I’m sure they will keep it in stock.

The Mach 1 Combo grabbed major honors during ICAST Fishing Conference.

It took the award for the “best rod and reel combo” isn’t that what you were looking for.

This rod-reel combo was designed with an average student angler in mind.

I don’t think there’s any further convincing to say for you to grab one, just go and get yourself one.


  • The Mach 1 Combo is a higher-end baitcasting rod and reel combo designed with high school and college anglers in mind for an affordable premium performance.
  • The Mach 1 Speed Spool features 10 premium double-shielded stainless steel bearings
  • High speed of 7.1:1 retrieve
  • Lew’s multi-setting Break MSB dual cast control
  • Zero Reverse
  • Large-capacity aluminum spool and 95MM aluminum power handle
  • The Mach 1 rod is a 6’10” MH all-purpose one-piece premium IM8 blank with Nanotechnology
  • Stainless steel guide frames and aluminum oxide inserts
  • Lew’s Soft Touch skeletal graphite reel seat and durable EVA foam split grips


  • This is a baitcasting rod/reel setup, so if all you know are spinning rods and reels then there’s definitely going to be a learning curve here.
  • Don’t fret though, it’s really not that hard of a skill to pick up.


Top 5 Saltwater Fishing Reels


How do you get the true experience of your fishing expeditions? Well, most might say that the equipment that you use is crucial to bringing those moments to life.

So let’s take a look at a few of the top Saltwater Fishing Reels that just might make every fishing experience, a memorable one.

You could go to your local retail outlet, although you most likely will find average to below-average reels at best.

However, you are searching for that home run, over the fence type of event.

By using these recommended reels, the percentage of that actually happening, goes up a great deal.

So let’s begin your journey in making the best decision possible in getting that “Reel” fishing adventure that you deserve.


Daiwa Saltist Black and Gold Reels

Daiwa Saltist Black and Gold Reel

First up is the Daiwa Saltist Black and Gold Reels, which is consistently putting out great reviews.

It starts off with an aluminum one-piece frame, side plate, and machine spool which lightens the weight of the reel.

The star drag system lets you easily adjust the drag with your fingertips.

Every size also has a centrifugal anti-backlash control which allows you to have cast control.

It will give you more distance and limit bird nesting.

The rod clamps will give you more security so you don’t have to mess with it while you are trying to bring up that major catch.

Each one of the different sizes also lets you adjust the length of your handle if you prefer a longer or shorter stroke.

The spool clicker has a nice sound.

It holds a five bearing system so when you are reeling in your catch of the day, it will be a really smooth retrieve.

To find what size suits your preference and create those “Reel” memories.  


Penn Squall Level Wind Reel  

penn squall 50 level wind trolling fishing reel

The Penn Squall Levelwind Reels is a formidable and affordable bottom fishing reel.

Made of graphite with aluminum supports, this reel is lightweight and strong. Giving it more backbone.

A clickable star drag makes it convenient for your need to adjust. Made with a machine-cut bronze main gear with the stainless steel pinion gear.

The SQL20LW has a 4.9:1 gear ratio and will generate a lot of torque! 15 lbs of max drag, an aluminum spool, three shielded ball bearings, and a great handle make this reel a winner.

The switchblade harness lugs on the SQL50LW gives you the ease of traditional lugs but not allowing the dangers of retrieving loose lines and preventing line breaks.


Shimano Torium SW Saltwater star drag multiplier reel

Shimano Torium Star Drag

Here is the elite Shimano Torium star drag conventional reel which is known for its live bait action or your bottom fishing demands.

It is also an attracted piece because of its corrosion-resistant capabilities in the saltwater game.

The base of the reel is very firm, as the strength of the Hagane body will not be compromised because of its high level of impact resistance.

With that caliber of ruggedness, it will increase your cranking abilities tremendously along with the smoothness of the 4 bearing feature.

These reels will feel a bit smaller with the S compact body size but the performance will compete for side by side with the bigger reels.

It also comes with the gearing system that will protect against all possibilities of salt corrosion because of not only its anodized process but also the second level of treatment as well.

This reel comes complete with a drag system that will adapt to the pressure needed to bring up that ultimate catch!   


Penn Level Wind Fishing Reel

penn squall level wind reel

Next is the Penn levelwind reels which are known to be great for any type of fishing terrain there is.

Penn has been proven to handle the rigorous elements of every fishing experience.

May it is for trolling or casting, the Penn reel will not let you down. It comes with stainless steel pinion gears and bronze alloy main gears.

Giving you that desired smooth retrieval motion. It also has a high density anodized aluminum spool for a corrosion-resistant finish.

Each reel comes with a composite side plate and a loud warning clicker.

Finally, it features a free spool lever and a very appealing soft-grip counter-balance handle to complete this reliable masterpiece.

penn bottom fishing reels.


Shimano TLD Reels

Shimano TLD

Last but not least is the Shimano TLD which is firmly made of lightweight material but will confidently outperform a lot of the more bigger reels.

Simply one of the best fishing reels As a result of being made of a graphite compound, the frame, and side plate allows you to get the maximum capabilities of your reel.

The convenient location of the drag allows you to make timely adjustments without interrupting your cranking motion.

It comes equipped with four anti-rust bearings which are far better in dealing with corrosion than most other stainless steel types.

With its large gears and firm knob grip, you will be able to fight those larger more elusive fish.

Like all of the other TLD reels, it has the harness lugs and a great sounding bait clicker.

So use these reels to capture those big game ahi as it may manifest your ultimate fishing experience.  


Bottom Line

I guess by now you have already made a decision. Again, I think that there is no need to overdo with your inshore equipment.

You really don’t need a nine ball bearing reel and extremely expensive high-end combos to catch an inshore fish.

I got myself spinning reel and rods at about $50 on many occasions.

and I got to bring home really fine seafood for dinners and barbecue parties.

Also, be sure to grab yourself some awesome t-shirts and hats from

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