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best saltwater tackle bags

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If you’re looking for the best saltwater tackle bags then you’ve come to the right site. We will review and go over the best best saltwater tackle bags of 2021 so continue reading.

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Saltwater Tackle Bag

best saltwater tackle bags

Updated: 12-01-2020

The summer is here; the ocean is fertile with fish; perfect time for fishing.

What would be the elements of an excellent fishing experience?

A good quality rod?

A fishing boat?

Your best buddy?

Sure, all of these elements are important, but the factor that could make a difference is having the best saltwater tackle bag.

Below you will find a description of some of the best saltwater tackle bags.

Here is a list of some of the best saltwater tackle bags (arranged in no particular order).

Plano PLAB37800 Z- Series 3700 Tackle bag, Kryptek raid

Plano PLAB37800 Z- Series 3700

Plano tackle boxes and cases are made of high-impact, water-tight plastic that is worm-proof and UV-resistant.

This saltwater tackle bag comes from Plano. A reputable manufacturer of fishing and hunting accessories.

The Plano PLAB37800 which built and designed specifically for the sea.

Has a hassle-free zipperless design (free from the hustle of rust that is associated with zippers).

The Plano PLAB37800 equipped with a high-performance saltwater tackle bag made of TPE- coated water-proof fabric.

There are ample and secure compartments for storage including two side pockets with secure closures.

A pair of buckles neatly secures the gusseted top closure.

It also includes a front and back mesh slip pockets with Velcro closures and the Plano exclusive utility-tackle rail system.

The Shimano Bluewave Surf Bag

The Shimano Bluewave Surf Bag

Can store 7″ 3 oz. poppers no problem.

An absolute gem to the eyes, the Shimano Bluewave surf bag, is made of heavy-duty 1680 Denier nylon fabric.

It has a detachable option for shoulder or belt straps.

The Shimano Bluewave surf comes in two sizes; small and medium.

It has average storage space in its adjustable lure tube system that allows a vertical arrangement of hooks without the menace of tangling.

Customer reviews highlight its economic advantage and strength of the fabric. The Shimano Bluewave surf is excellent for sea fishing.

Negative reviews sighted the insufficient number of pockets.

Plano Z-Series Size bag (3600)


What Size Is the Plano Z-Series Bag?

14″ X 8″ X 8.5

This saltwater tackle bag is similar to the Plano 3700 series.

It Comes in a rust-free zipperless design inclusive of five 3650 stowaway boxes.

The bag is high performance with the Plano exclusive utility tack rail system with a molded water-proof base.

It is tailored from water-resistant TPE fabric.

There is ample space for storage including two side pockets, front and back mesh slip pockets with hook-and-loop closure systems.

The Plano Z saltwater tackle bag has secured good reviews from Amazon customers who complement excellent craftsmanship, storage, and durability

Redbone Large Softsided Water Resistant RB-SSTB-L Tackle Bag with Glass Holder

Redbone Water Resistant RB-SSTB-L Tackle Bag

What Are The Dimensions For The Redbone RB-SSTB-M Tackle Bag?

tackle bag is approx 18 wide, 12 wide, and 11 inches deep

Very spacious with multiple compartments for storage including side pockets, front pockets and a main compartment with removable boxes.

The bag has the option of shoulder straps. It is made from high-quality waterproof fabrics that guarantee strength and durability.

Customer reviews praised its enormous storage capacity.

This tackle bag was built for saltwater.

Flambeau Saltwater Storage Tackle Station

Flambeau Saltwater Storage Tackle Station

Does the Flambeau Saltwater Storage Bag come with the trays?

Yes! your typical plastic lure/gear trays with dividers.

If you are looking for space, then the flambeau saltwater storage tackle station should be one of the options to consider.

It has multiple compartments including four side pockets and a main compartment with removable boxes.

Amazon buyers praised its enormous storage capacity however the zipper got mixed reviews.

Okeechobee Fats-T1200 tackle bag

Okeechobee Fats-T1200 tackle bag

What are the velcro straps on the front for?

To hold pliers or cutters

Designed with heavy-duty water-resistant polyester fabric with a neoprene handle.

Spacious storage in the form of three large zipper storage pockets, a large front pocket, two exterior tool holders.

sunglasses case with a hard shell and an elastic accessory loop; all secured by zippers.

The main compartment can hold up to 8 large utility boxes. It comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Amazon customers praised the Okeechobee tackle bag greatly for its size.

Spiderwire Wolf-Tackle Bag

Spiderwire Wolf-Tackle Bag 

Does this bag have a waterproof pocket?


Has a storage capacity of 38.8 liters and the ability to hold four large tackle boxes.

The base is made to maximize grip and avoid slip.

This tackle bag is made of heavy-duty 1680 denier polyester fabric and is less vulnerable to puncture by hooks.

It also comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Buyers praised this tackle bag for its looks, space, strength, and durability.

Plano KVD Signature Series 3600 Tackle bag

Plano KVD Signature Series 3600 Tackle bag

What are the dimensions of the boxes that are included with the Plano PLAB36700?

The Plano 3700 series box dimensions are: 14.1 x 8.9 x 2.1 inches

it comes five 36504 size Plano stowaway boxes but can comfortably carry six.

The top comes molded with a stowaway box secured into place by an elastic bungee.

the manufacturer uses TPE-coated fabric which makes it water-resistant.

The craftsmanship in stitching is flawless.

The base is waterproof with elevated rubber feet.

This bag allows the attachment of tools as it has a holder.

Amazon customers praised the Plano signature 3600 for its appearance, storage, and durability.

Wild River Leathercraft WT3702-Tackle Tek Lighted Handle Bar Tackle Bag

Wild River Leathercraft WT3702-Tackle Tek Lighted Handle Bar Tackle Bag

Will this product remain standing with all of the trays removed from the bottom?

yes this is a very nice and sturdy bag

The handlebar design makes it easier to carry.

It has plenty of options for the attachment of tools and accessories like pliers, nail cutters, sunglasses, and water bottles.

Water-proof and clear internal pockets for the storage of water sensitive apparatus and devises.

Ample room; able to hold five stowaway boxes and several pouches (including mesh pockets) on the side and top.

The handlebar has a rotating grip with an LED light system.

The wild river saltwater tackle bag gets excellent reviews except that the battery life of its LED light system is not reliable.

Calissa Offshore Tackle bag

Calissa Offshore Tackle bag.

Are zippers plastic?

The zippers are metal

Molded with a hard sunglass case, this tackle bag comes with relatively much storage.

It can carry four tackle trays and a large top compartment.

The Calissa Offshore Tackle Bag is made of a light-weight material that you simply can’t go without.

The appearance of this tackle bag is magnificent. Made from ultradurable material that gives it a rugged look.

Excellent for freshwater, and ice fishing.

Positive customer reviews include; lightweight material, comfortable shoulder straps, durability, storage capacity and appearance.

Piscifun fishing backpack

Piscifun fishing-tackle backpack.

Is there any way to attach your poles?

there are no fishing pole attachments.

Designed as a backpack.

Another great quality of this bag is comfortable as it sits on your shoulders.

The craftsmanship involved regarding sowing is exquisite.

made from high-quality 1200D high-density nylon which makes it water-resistant.

The backpack is spacious with eleven to eighteen compartments including a cup holder; a series of buckles and zippers secure all.

It can hold about four stowaway tackle boxes, all accessible from a zipped flap.

Excellent for seawater fishing.

Buyers responded positively to the extra sunglasses compartment and price of the bag.

Lixada Waist Pack Outdoor Gear Fanny Bag

Lixada Waist Pack Outdoor Gear Fanny Bag

This tackle bag boasts a lot of storage, large enough to accommodate four stowaway tackle boxes.

The Lixada Waist Pack comes has numerous additional room inside, front and top pockets.

Comes with a scratch-resistant bottom.

Made with water-resistant material and intended to be a backpack.

Designed durable to last in long-lasting saltwater conditions.

Customers loved the space within the bag and also the strength of the straps.


Make sure you’ve tested your fishing tackle bag before you head out to the old fishing hole. Believe us, once you’re out on the lake or at the beach, you want to get the right stuff ready. The contents of your tackle bag can vary, of course, depending on the type of fish you want to catch, but to get started, this is a standard tackle box for you (or a loved one).

saltwater fishing tackle checklist

  • Extra Line of Fishing
  • Flies or lures
  • (or, floaters) Bobbers
  • Swivels, to avoid the twisting of fishing lines
  • Members
  • (or, weights) Sinkers
  • Similar hook sizes (for various fish types)
  • Needle nose pliers to help eradicate fish hooks (and maybe you!)
  • Stringer, to keep all the fish you’re catching
  • Sharp knife (such as a knife from the Swiss Army)
  • Scale / ruler
  • A Tiny Taschenlampe
  • First-aid kit (with basics just in case your thumb gets a hook stuck in)
  • Repellent for insects
  • Sunscreening

Let’s cover some backpack tackle boxes.

Buying Guide for fishing Bags for Saltwater Fishing

You need to make sure that it has all the right features to ensure your complete satisfaction with your surface, whether you are looking for a good tackle bag for commercial or recreational fishing. This is why, when searching for the perfect tackle bag for your fishing trip, we bring you this list of must-have features to look for.

  • Design
  • Size
  • Water Resistance
  • Convenience
  • Organization

Bags For Fishing AKA Fishing Backpacks

These tackle bags are perfect for on the go fly fishing and make the best tackle fishing bag. We will cover some of the best fishing backpack and fishing tackle bags. Some of these tackle bags also come with free shipping. With a combination of hard and soft tackle, how could you go wrong? You get the benefits of a soft backpack while benefiting from these hardshell utility boxes.

Be sure to check out our in-depth guide to fishing backpacks that cost less than 100 dollars.

let’s get it! here are some of the best fishing tackle bags / fishing backpack on the market.

Rodeel fishing tackle bag

Rodeel Fishing Tackle Backpack

A strong option for an outdoor tackle bag / fishing bag or fishing tackle bag. I bought containers as well. Compared to some, 4 for 20 is a decent deal. I wish it had a few more additional pockets. And farther down sat the poles. Maybe if it was made to slip down with holes for the pol handles, but I use tall poles and maybe shorter designs. When I take out the tackles, too, occasionally the bag falls over. I found the zippers where the foam that holds it standing can be taken out, so I’m likely to replace it with something stiffer. But I’m fine all in all.

EGO Kryptek Tackle Box

EGO Kryptek Tackle Box

This is the nicest fishing bag I have ever owned. The attention to detail and performance demonstrates. I consolidated two tackle boxes AND it has a beer cooler (approximately 8-10 cold ones). 4 Tackle trays, plenty of pockets, cooling & padded backing for rubber worms and equipment. If you read this right now, don’t hesitate to make a pledge that you won’t be disappointed. Click on the image to purchase it from Amazon and get free shipping.

#1 Editors Choice for best saltwater tackle bags

Wild River Fishing Bag

Wild River fishing Tackle Backpack

Wild River’s lightweight fishing bag is The Recon. This backpack, a smaller version of our Nomad, can comfortably go anywhere. It comes with an integrated LED light system that helps you to see when the sun goes down in the backpack or your work surface. And to keep your tools at the ready, it has a reversible plier holder and retractable lanyard. The Recon has the ability to accommodate up to four trays of the 3500-series. Click on the image above to get free shipping from amazon.

Piscifun Fishing Bag

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack

I’ve used several different tackle bags in the backpack style, including some very high-end bags. When I’m trekking along with various shore spots and on the ship in the elements, I’m really tough on my gear and ask a lot out of it. After a few lengthy uses, no other bag has held up, items crack and tear and fall apart. The most robust bag I’ve ever seen is this bag. Made harder than previous bags I’ve used, with more room, and lighter weight. In the rain, dirt, light, and everything else, it manages itself. I’m sure this bag will keep up with all of my fishing adventures.

Magreel Fishing BAG Waterproof Bag

Magreel Fishing Tackle Backpack Waterproof Tackle Bag

Good Quality & Competent

This fishing bag is super rugged, wear-resistant, and water-resistant, made of high density 1000D nylon fabric, providing a longer lifetime and keeping your stuff fine regardless of whether you are trekking through challenging shore spots or going through a difficult weather journey. Scientific carrying device- The ergonomically built back panel and mesh padded shoulder straps are secure and breathable, relieving long-term carrying tension and pain in your shoulder.

In the main compartment, there is a removable clapboard. You can get a spacious space for bigger gears by collapsing it. The lower compartment can accommodate 4 trays (included) by opening it, which you can get from the front trapdoor as well.

#2 Editors Choice for best saltwater tackle bags

Vexan Fishing Removable LED Lighted

Vexan Fishing Removable LED Lighted Tackle Box Backpack

One of the finest options for a top of the line soft backpack tackle bag is the Vexan Fishing Tackle Bag. It has a removable high-power LED light that helps you to function at night, and when you hike into your position, you can remove this LED light and position it on one of the carrying straps too! A wide upper storage area with a reversible divider is also included, which can convert this backpack to accommodate larger pieces. The bag also has the ability to carry up to four tackle boxes of 3600 or four 3700.

It contains a reversible plier holder and another Velcro enclosure that can accommodate objects with reels or other equipment, such as an ice rod. To display content easily, it has external and internal mesh pockets. It also has rubberized base pads with a full bottom to minimize wear and help keep the bag clean and dry. When carrying this bag out to your favorite fishing spots, the padded shoulder backpack straps and the padded carrying handle will keep fishermen relaxed.

For your fishing backpack, how many compartments do you need?

A variety of factors, such as the duration of your fishing trip and your personal preference, depending on the answer to this question.

You might use a variety of compartments to fit in your tackles and fishing gear whether you are a novice or a casual angler. A hip-roof design is a good style, which features trays on either side of the bag as well as a wide pocket at the base.

More storage and compartments are favored by other anglers. If this is the kind you like, then for better customization, you can look for a bag that has dividers. With this kind of style, you should be able to distinguish your tiny and big tackles quickly.

Why buy a fishing backpack?

The positive thing about a fishing backpack is that by holding your hands free, it helps you to have greater ease of motion. There are backpacks that provide you with the convenience of turning it into a fanny pack or even a shoulder messenger bag.

It is safer to choose a backpack that comes with a sternum strap or lumbar support if you are carrying a heavy load. This provides you with decreased fatigue while your heavy load is lugged around.

What size should my tackle bag be?

When it comes to finding the right tackle bag, size still matters. It’s supposed to be just the right size, so you’re going to have to think about the equipment you want to carry and the fishing trip.

You need to have long lures ready if you are trying to catch larger fish such as a Pike or Muskie, which in most cases is over 6 inches. In this situation, as well as when you are going on an extended fishing trip, a large tackle box is necessary.

But if you just want to catch a panfish, then carrying a smaller bag is more than enough. For your tiny lures and terminal tackle, the amount of room in your bag should be enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we end the article, we would like to go over some frequently asked questions which can help you decide on your saltwater tackle bag.

what tackle bags are good for surf fishing

Saltwater tackle bags are the best for surf fishing.

what are fishing tool bags used for

Fishing tool bags are just like fishing tackle boxes, except they normally come in the form of a bag rather than a box. It’s used to store extra fishing gear such as fishing lines, hooks, lures, etc.

what are PVA breakdown bags in fishing?

PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) bags are used a lot by carp fishing anglers. They are eco friendly non-toxic bags which can store bait and dissolve in water. These PVA bags can be prepared with bait before your next fishing trip and stored in your saltwater tackle bag.


We hope you enjoyed this article on the best saltwater tackle bags. As of 2021 those are some of the best saltwater tackle bags out there. These bad boys are durable and will last a lifetime. If you want us to review any other items please feel free to leave us a comment below or send us a message. If you liked this post about the best saltwater tackle bags, then you may also like Best Handheld GPS For Offshore Fishing or you may also like The Best Baitcast Reels Under 50

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