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best hats for kayaking

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Here are the best hats for kayaking

Let’s face it…if you’re out kayaking you’re going to be in the sun! Unless it is an overcast day but still…

Without proper sun protection, you’ll come back to shore all burnt and regret the rest of your day.

Most hats made for proper shade isn’t the most fashionable statement but your unburnt neck and face will thank you after your kayaking trip.

Quiksilver Men’s Pierside Straw Hat


Up first is the quicksilver straw hat. If you’re in Hawaii like we are and you wear one of these, you’ll fit right in!

It actually is a fashion statement here in Hawaii! It provides great shade all the way around.

Whether you are kayaking or just out in the sun. 

A Quicksilver Straw hat will work just fine! And they are inexpensive.

Columbia Unisex Bora Bora

Columbia Unisex Bora Bora

How about a unisex Bora Bora Hat. With Moisture Wicking Fabric and UV Sun Protection, you’ll be sure to stay cool during your kayaking adventures.

This Booney-style Hat comes with an adjustable chin strap which will help keep the hat in place.

Whether it’s on your head or against the back of your neck.

Either way, UPF 50 protection with Omni-Shade keeps harmful rays at bay.

Home Prefer Outdoor Hat with Neck Flap

Home Prefer Outdoor Hat with Neck Flap

The Home Prefer Outdoor Hat with Neck Flap isn’t the most fashionable hat around but it made our list because of the neck flap.

As someone who spends most of his days outdoors, protecting your neck from the blazing hot sun is often overlooked.

I, of course, learned the hard way. Nowadays, I normally always use a hat with a neck flap.

DDYOUTDOOR Neck Face Flap Hat Wide Brim

DDYOUTDOOR Neck Face Flap Hat Wide Brim

If you’re ultra-sensitive to the sun and a neck flap just won’t do it…

then you need the ddyoutdoor hat which comes with a neck and also a facing flap.

If you plan to kayak for a long period then this might be a wise purchase.

besides, it’s really inexpensive. Click on the image to purchase the hat on Amazon.

Wander G Fishing Hat

wander G Fishing Hat

Here is another one with both a neck and face flap.

The only difference is this one is a bit more stylish.

I’d definitely rock this on a kayaking or fishing trip.

Besides! it’s ocean blue camo…what more can you ask for!

Hemlock Hat Co. Men’s Straw Hat


Feeling a little patriotic? why not sport this hemlock straw hat with the American flag design on your next kayaking trip.

As mentioned previously…you can’t go wrong with the good old straw hats. Especially if you plan to go fishing on your next kayak adventure.

Fishing off your kayak equipped with your new hemlock straw hat…forget work…I want to go fishing now!

Mission Enduracool Techknit Cooling Hoodie

Mission Enduracool Techknit Cooling Hoodie

Alright…so this isn’t necessarily a kayaking hat but we thought it was cool AF! and thought you should know about it.

After all…the end result is keeping you cool and protected from the sun right?

Well, these bad boys are called mission endura cool tech knit cooling hoodies and they do exactly what the name implies.

Keeps you cool.

Basically, if you decide to use this, I’d use some sort of hat over it like one of the straw hats or something.

Plus the material is made to get wet to keep you cool. This makes a perfect “kayaking hat”.

On the bright side, you’d look like an assassin creed badass angler on your kayak.

Sunday Afternoons Adult Sport Hat

Sunday Afternoons Adult Sport Hat

Next up on the list is the Sunday afternoons adult sports hat.

These are pretty basic sun protection hats but they get the job done.

What we like about these hats is the material.

they are lightweight and can be folded up and easily placed in a bag for storage and transportation.

we are not too fond of the looks but hey…it works right!

CapHat Camo, As seen on Shark Tank

CapHat Camo, As seen on Shark Tank

Again, this one isn’t a kayaking hat per se but it is a sun protector just like the hoodie above.

As we mentioned, this would go great over an existing hat. We feel this is a must-have for kayaking or fishing.

It’s a bit pricy but you pay for what you get.

Kayaking Pro-Tip

Ok, so we went over some of the best kayaking hats out there. Now for a pro-tip on kayaking.

These are for the beginners or those still new to the sport of kayaking.

  • Find a small lake, pond or ocean with calm waters.
  • Launch your kayak from areas where you will be visible to others on land.
  • Take short trips only for your first few runs.
  • Choose a bright and sunny day (which is why you should have a kayaking hat)
  • Limit your first few trips to an hour or something you feel you can comfortably manage.

For other tips and tricks, buying guides and reviews be sure to visit


So what are the best hats for kayaking?

well, it all comes down to personal preference and basically want you as an individual would want to wear.

we listed a bunch of what we feel are the best hats for kayaking.

Now it’s time for you to decide for yourself. As always, if you enjoyed this post please check out our other post.

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