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Best All-Around Saltwater Fly Rod

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Best All-Around Saltwater Fly Rod.

If you recently decided to try saltwater fishing, there are certain things that you need to understand first before going for it.

You need to spend quite some time in preparation so that you’ll get to enjoy the whole experience without having to look for stuff that you might have missed.

How To Get Started

Preparing your gear might have come obvious to you but there’s a lot more you need to know in securing all the stuff needed for saltwater fishing.

Know your Rod

The first thing that comes to an angler’s mind is the rod. The most important factors that you need consider when choosing a rod is the rod length and line/lure rating.

In choosing the rod, it is definitely important that you determine the length of the rod that you’ll be using. If you’re fishing from a boat, the ideal rods would have lengths less than 8 ft.

Shorter rods are easier to maneuver within the confines of a boat. Additionally, if you’re going for bigger fish, shorter rods give you better control during the retrieve. For a surf fisherman, the ideal rod would be within the range of 9 to 11 ft as it allows added casting distance.

Rod Weight

In addition to the rod’s length, rods are also rated as to how heavy an offering you can throw.

Certain “general purpose” fishing rods have a wider range. The ideal would be between 1 to 5 ounces.

The specialty rods are those types that are rated for a smaller weight range on either end of the spectrum. It usually goes around ½ oz to 2 oz or 3 to 6 oz.

In general, you need to find the best rod that you’re comfortable with that is best suited to the kind of angling that you think you’ll be doing.

The best way to determine the best rod is to try the first rod and throw a wide range of lures and bait then see if it matches your grip.

As a beginner, you might want to try a lot of different lures to know the best rod that suits you.

Choosing your Reel

In choosing your reel, you need to find a good balance between the size and weight of the reel and your rod. You need to measure by feel.

So, if you feel that the reel is a bit heavy for the rod, don’t hesitate to look for lighter ones.

What you need to remember is that you will be holding this rod for hours. Going for heavy reels would easily tire you out.

Another thing that you need to think of as well is that the saltwater environment is harsh and very challenging.

When choosing your gear, durability should be your top priority.

Putting Line to the Reel

There’s a heated debate that talks about which line group suits best for saltwater fishing.

Essentially, there are 2 groups; Braid and Mono (or Monofilament). Braids are pretty self-explanatory.

These are lines that consist of multiple fibers that are braided (literally) together to have an added strength.

Mono, on the other hand, is one continuous strand.

To give you a better understanding of these lines;


  • Generally stronger at the same diameter
  • You can easily fit more of it on your spool
  • Increases casting distance better
  • It makes easier to feel the lure and set the hook


  • More manageable
  • Better abrasion resistance
  • Inexpensive and easily available
  • Better shock resistance

Both line groups work really great and each has its own merits.

However, if you’re a beginner and doesn’t have any single clue on what to choose, the best option would be to go for Mono.

It is no surprise that you will be messing up quite a lot during your first tries.

Sometimes, you’ll end up snagging things on the bottom or getting wrapped around lobster pots.

This should give you a good idea of what you’ll be dealing with before you try a different setup.

Can You Use Freshwater Line in Saltwater?

Generally, you can use fresh water lines in saltwater fishing.

But you cannot expect to achieve the best results when using lines that are not specifically designed for each condition.

Taper designs are just one of the many disparities between freshwater and saltwater lines.

Although keep in mind that saltwater lines are designed with cores that can remain functional even in hot tropical conditions.

Freshwater fly lines can be very limp and sticky at high temps.

It will give you a hard time when casting near the tropics.

The Best All-Around Saltwater Fly Rod

Now that you have decided to go saltwater fly fishing, there are a couple of things you need to know when choosing the right rod for the job.

You might have tried fishing before but going out in the ocean can be intimidating.

And the fish that you’ll be dealing with can be a lot stronger and resistant.

It is best to make sure that you have the optimal gear before going saltwater fishing. Here are some of the best saltwater fly fishing rods you can buy to up your fishing game.


Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods

It’s a 9-feet long rod that is known for its ability to withstand harsh environments and conditions. The Fenwicks Aetos is a versatile rod that is perfect for fly fishing enthusiasts. It is available in freshwater, saltwater, switch, and spey models. It is a fast-action rod that delivers dynamic performance whenever you need it.

The rod built is made from high-performance carbon fiber blanks that are durable and lightweight. Additionally, it offers excellent sensitivity, so you can feel the movement whenever a fish takes a bite. Not only that, but this rod also improves casting distance and accuracy with its large-diameter gunsmoke stripper guides and double-foot gunsmoke snake guides.

Other than that, it also has a triple-A grade cork handle that makes handling easy and hassle-free even after long hours of fishing. The modern and high-performance tapers allow the rod to remain unbreakable even after a day of playing Tug o’ War with monstrous fishes.


Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Rod

If you’re looking for a good quality rod that has the accuracy, durability, and amazing sensitivity, Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Rod is one of the best options that you can choose. This 9-ft long rod can withstand heavy weather conditions and strong enough to keep big fish where you want them to be.

The ceramic tripping and the chrome snake guides allow long-distance casting with minimal effort. And with a well-crafted cork handle, you can precisely cast your fly into the perfect location while providing an excellent surefire grip. Additionally, this amazing rod has a machined aluminum reel seat with double-lock rings to keep the reel sturdily in place. This particular rod is built for the toughest fights and making sure that you will always be at the winning side.

On top of the existing features, the Toccoa rod also employs user-friendly design. Even a complete beginner can easily put it up together, use, and transport it wherever they would like. There’s a guidance system with each piece having a white dot alignment for convenient setup.


Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod

The drifter series fly fishing rods by Moonshine Rod Company is something to behold. Inspired by the classics, these high-quality rods have the durability, flexibility, and lightness of modern fly rods with impeccable attention to the detail. Each custom-made rod is made from top of the line quality. This 9-feet long rod only weighs at 3.9 ounces. It’s sensitive, strong, and flexible enough to withstand heavy-duty fishing.

The handle on this beauty is made from triple-A grade cork with burled ends. Aside from that, it is also made to be easily assembled and disassembled. So, you won’t have to spend more time preparing your gear but focus only to the game.


Piscifun Sword Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

If you’re tight on budget but you don’t want to compromise on the quality, then this rod is a must-have. Piscifun Sword Graphite Fly Fishing Rod is a carbon-fiber, super-sturdy fishing rod that is a bang for your bucks. This particular rod works great for winter steelhead, salmon, and saltwater fishing. The rod is made of durable IM7 graphite blanks for superior durability and flexibility.

Rod length is at 9 feet and weighs about 5.3 ounces. It’s got great balance while possessing amazing pulling power. The four-piece design allows easy to assemble and disassemble. Definitely, a great choice for anglers who’d like to go for long hours.



It’s a super-strong and durable rod that can take almost about anything. The Maxcatch Extreme Graphite Fly Fishing Rod is made of 5 layers of mixed carbon including another reinforced muscle carbon layer. It has a durable aluminum reel seat and IM7 24T + 30T carbon fiber rod blank. It’s very lightweight and has pure A+ contoured cork handle for comfortable gripping and better casting.

The MaxCatch Extreme series provides a fast-action design that excels in distance and presentation. So you can cast without the hassle and in as accurate as possible.



This fast-action fly rod has great overall quality and functionality. If you’re looking to get a perfect cast, this particular rod is the one to have. It stands at 9 feet in the length and weighs about 5 ounces. It might be a bit heavier than most rods but it comes with extra torque that is great for fighting bigger fish.

The G. Loomis Asquith rod is famed for its amazing accuracy and casting power. So, if you want to go for distance, this rod is a great option. It got superb power transfer from tip to hand. Equipped with Titanium guides, it allows increased sensitivity and quick recovery.

7.      SAGE “THE X” FLY ROD


One of the most popular brands if the fishing sport, Sage “The X” Fly rod is one of the most popular choices among professional anglers. The X series rods are available in 3 to 10 weight detailed with black spruce blanks, wood handles, and a soft cork grip. It is also extra lightweight as the 9-feet rod only weighs about 3 ounces.

This particular rod features fast-action and probably a bit stiffer for beginners. Its KonneticHD construction allows better projection and line momentum. It delivers powerful yet smooth casts with tight loops and amazing accuracy. It’s a little expensive but’s a little compromise for its great features.



The Helios series performs extremely well for saltwater anglers due to its powerful and durable structure. These rods come in 9-ft to 10-ft in length and offers 7 weight. If you’re trying to go for the open sea, the 10-ft rod is definitely a good companion. The casting power is superb and offers a lot of torque especially for long distances.

Other than that, the Orvis Helios 3D is optimized to reduce rod vibration that allows accurate casts. It is the perfect rod for taking down larger fish even in salt water or fresh. Great rod and a very reasonable price.

9.      LOOP CROSS S1 Switch


Another popular brand in the fly-fishing community, the LOOP Cross S1 Switch is a must-have for both beginners and pros. The rod is available in 6 and 7 weight. It got 4 pieces all built with a perfected combination on accuracy and casting power. The rod is made from a slightly stiffer carbon fiber material and graphite mixed with smooth snake guide. It features slower actions but it can get the job done as wonderful as it can be. So, if you’re looking for a well-balanced rod that is durable and has a great bend, this one is definitely a great choice.



If you’re looking for a great mid-range rod, this one is a great pick. Hardy Zephrus FWS fly rods is an amazing combination of quality and functionality. It’s a 5-weight rod with 4 pieces. It stands at 9 feet and it can be a bit heavier compared to other mid-range rods.

This particular rod fights well with a consistent bend to keep the pressure on. It features seamless casting thanks to its titanium stripper guides and chrome slicked snake guides. Additionally, Hardy Zephrus fly rods use hard and triaxial carbon spacers that provide amazing strength while promoting an elegant wood design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a freshwater fly rod in saltwater?

Generally, you can use fresh water lines in saltwater fishing. But you cannot expect to achieve the best results when using lines that are not specifically designed for each condition.

What is a 9wt fly rod used for?

A 9wt allows the angler to display smaller flies in shallow water, but it also allows heavy lines and larger flies to be fished by the angler. When taking the middle ground, as is usual, a 9wt does not superbly cater to either strategy, but it helps anglers to do both well. A 9wt is lighter than a 10wt as well.

How big of a fish can a 3 wt fly rod handle?

If you fish mostly smaller streams in WI, a 3 weight bamboo rod will handle the job almost as well as the graphite rods you own.

Bottom Line

Those were some of the best saltwater fly rods. The rod length and line/lure rating are the most significant variables you need to remember when selecting a rod.

Generally speaking, you need to find the right rod you’re happy with that is best suited to the type of angling you think you’re going to do. Durability should be your top priority when selecting your gear.

Find a reasonable balance between the size and weight of the reel and your rod when selecting your reel. The saltwater environment is rugged and very complicated. Going for heavy reels will wear you out quickly.

There is a heated debate that addresses which line group is better suited for saltwater fishing. Braid and Mono (or Monofilament) braids are lines composed of several fibers that are (literally) braided together to provide extra power. There are two classes. Mono is one continuous strand, on the other hand.

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