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About Us

Renowned Hawaii lifestyle brand ULUA, Famous for its bold and creative unique designs doesn’t have a face behind the company because we believe that you represent ulua.

We cherish all of our supporters from around the globe and will continue to bring you nothing but the best. Throughout its history, has been fueled by passion and driven outdoor enthusiast from around the world.

official ulua brand

Ulua is also the hawaiian word for the giant trevally fish which is a prized game fish here in Hawaii.

By aligning itself with positive and motivational influencers, Ulua quickly became synonymous with extreme passionate sports enthusiast.

With our roots in Hawaii, Ulua has evolved to focus on passionate, driven, motivated and positive people alike.

Ulua remains committed to its essence of determination and motivation and today inspires every individual a part of the ulua team.

Ulua also known for its abbreviated term Ultimate Living Ultimate Aloha stands by that definition.

giant trevally

the ulua is also our mascot

The giant trevally known for its distinctive looks and amazing strength is also know to put up an unforgettable and incredible fight amongst anglers and spearfishing enthusiast from around the world.

Which is why our main logo is based around the giant trevally aka ULUA. Just like the giant trevally we are also known for our unique distinctive designs / looks and will put up an extreme fight.

ULUA is the hawaiian word for giant trevally. It is also our brand mascot.

for outdoor enthusiast

We are a Brand that represents you. We are dedicated to outdoor enthusiast which more specifically caters to water spots. Such as Boating, Kayaking, Fishing and Spearfishing.

WE Got You Covered

We provide informational content on these subjects to help you excel in whatever water activity you decided to do.

Such as, information on a specific types of fish. Not only does our content help you to increase your knowledge but it also helps you to understand a certain type of fish behavior helping you in your journey to understand these aquatic creatures. Thus helping you to catch or spear more fish.

Besides informational content we also provide equipment reviews and sell our logo on apparel merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats and more!

We are constantly growing and evolving and we invite you to join us throughout this journey.

Endangered Wildlife

Do your part as a responsible outdoor enthusiast and keep our oceans and endangered wildlife safe.

protect our planet

As outdoor enthusiast, we must all do our part to keep our planet safe

learn and practice

We have tons of information on our site to educate you and to help you practice safe outdoor sporting.

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