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Giant Trevally

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The Giant Trevally! Can you imagine a fish that might leap and eat a bird out of the sea?

This Fish exists and it’s called a Giant Trevally aka ULUA.

and we’re showing it to you here.

giant trevally

The giant trevally (Caranx ignobilis) AKA Ulua, a species of fish capable of hunting birds in flight by propelling themselves from the saltwater, can be found among the many species that live in the ocean.

As unimaginable as it is to us, the prey will turn into predators occasionally. This is a one of a kind game fish.

We encourage you to continue reading if you want to know more about this large and interesting species.

Interesting Facts About The Giant Trevally

giant trevally

Our elders tell us myths, some of which are made up, some of which are true, and some of which we don’t know at what degree to believe.

That is why this knowledge is nothing more than a myth when we learn that there is a fish capable of feeding on birds.

As this animal lives and inhabits the oceans, nothing is further from reality.

Gathering data on this matter, it can be found that the giant trevally, a fish of the Carangidae family, comprising around 150 different species, is this magnificent predator.

The following are some of the features which define these trevallies:

Giant Trevally Features

  • Also known as giant kingfish, barrier trevally, low trevally, ulua (in Hawaii) or GT for short, Giant trevally (Caranx ignobilis) and GT fish.
  • In the Indian and Pacific Seas, it inhabits tropical lakes and in the Red Sea, from South Africa to Japan.
  • Have a preference for those found in coral reefs, such as deeper waters.
  • It feeds on crustaceans, other fish, cephalopods (mollusks, marine invertebrates), and even birds.
  • By propelling itself out of the saltwater, it can chase birds in the air because, as predicted, this species does not fly.
  • It normally hunts on its own, often in schools (fish groups).
  • It is up to 170 centimeters in height and weighs up to 80 kilograms.
  • Not excessive proportions, of course, if we take into account that we’re talking about a fish.
  • With dark spots, its highlights are silver and its back is gray.
  • Trevallies have an overall length of 85cm-samples of about 60 cm would be 3-4 years old and will be between 8-10 years old for those above 1 m in length.
  • These amazing bluefin trevally can achieve peak speeds of 60 km / h.
  • The color of this species is silvery-grey with mature males (70cm+)
  • Dusky to jet-black.
  • prize fish for fishing and spearfishing in Hawaii
  • The trevally fish lose their dark coloration when threatened or stressed and become more silvery-grey.
  • They are considered to contain ciguatoxin because they feed on ciguatoxin containing species such as grouper and wrasse.
  • Specimens over 1.7 m in length and over 180lbs in weight have been recorded.
  • In a specimen captured in Kagoshima, Japan, the current IGFA All-Tackle Record for this game fish stands at 160lbs.
  • Evidence in Hawaii has shown that after an impressive 88 lb bluefin was caught, a GT will mate with bluefin trevally.


Are Giant Trevally’s Dangerous?

giant trevally

These game fish can be found in the Indian ocean and indo pacific waters and is part of the jack family.

Long-term experiments indicate that juveniles will migrate to outer reefs and atolls up to 70 km away from their safe habitats.

One of the most important apex predators in its ecosystems.

both as reef adults and as estuary juveniles, is the giant trevally.

Observations in the relatively unchanged waters of the northwestern Hawaiian Islands revealed that the giant trevally was of high ecological value.

comprising 71% of the biomass of the apex predator.

In extensively fished Hawaiian saltwater, this amount is considerably less. Especially when small, the species is prey to sharks.

In comparison, adult trevallies, either singles or pairs, were recorded attacking sharks (such as blacktip reef sharks).

by repeatedly ramming them with their heads.

The shark can die from the attack, often even larger than the shark.

The cause for this action is uncertain, but the trevally hardly attempts to eat the dead shark.

They were rarely recorded behaving in the same way towards humans: when rammed by trevally, a spearfisher in Hawaii broke three ribs.

Large giant trevallies were recorded as a host of the sharksucker, Echeneis naucrates.

a fish usually seen attached to the undersides of sharks.

How to catch giant trevally

Are you a Fanatic angler with eyes on the giant trevally?

Well, if you have been eagerly waiting to catch and hold this beauty in your hand then you need to have the proper understanding of how to catch giant trevally.

In addition, it is important to have the correct fishing equipment.

Without further ado, let us quickly see some of the easy ways and tricks so that you can easily catch giant trevally.

You need to understand that Giant trevally is not found everywhere.

so you have to find a good spot and good luck with that!

Where is it found?

The giant trevally is found on the coastal and offshore saltwater from Central Western Australia north stretching to the central coast of New South Wales.

It is important to look for the washy areas where you can easily hold bait.

It is obvious that you need to meet your favorite trevally so it is important to choose the best right area and this is why it becomes vital to go on a fishing spree.

Therefore, if you are fishing on the wrong shores then you will probably not catch this beauty. In the first place, choose the right fishing site.

You need to choose the right bait and equipment as this will help with your catch.

and this is why it is important to know some of the points.

so that you can choose the best possible setup so you need to know the techniques.

as this will certainly help you to catch giant trevally.

We live in an era where new technology is coming in every field and fishing is not behind.

thus it becomes way more important to know about the latest tool that would certainly help you to enjoy shipping with great vigor as you can catch your stuff.

Some tips to catch Giant Trevally!

As we all know there are different types of bait so it is important to get some giant trevally lures.

Let’s take a look at some giant trevally lures also known as GT poppers.

When targeting within the casting distance it is important to go with a boat, pull up as the large poppers towards the reef as this would certainly help you to get things done in the best way possible.

In addition, you can see online tutorials, as this will help you to find the bait that would certainly help you have a brighter chance of giant trevally.

The power of lures to catch Giant Trevally!

Finding the right lures plays a pivotal role and this is why it is important to know about them.

so that you can be sure that you are using the correct lure or bait so that you can easily catch GT.

One can easily find some of the easy ways through which you can find the right bait.

so that you are sure that you are using the right equipment.

Most of the novices are not well aware of the needs and requirements and this is why it is important to research.

as this will certainly help you to catch the fish in the right manner.

On the contrary, it is important to find the right baits and lures as Trevally tends to bite both live bait and lures.

and one can easily find numerous kinds of lures that are available in the market.

thus it is important to do the research, as this would certainly help you to find the best product.

Now that you are looking forward to dropping your hard-earned money on best trevally lures.

therefore it is important to know about the stuff so that you can choose the right one as per your need and desire.

Many times people are not even aware of the fact, on how to choose the right kind of lure so that you can catch.

In addition, here we bring you some pro tips that would certainly help you to find the right lures.

that will help you to have a great fishing experience.

The nuances of finding the best bait and lure!

It is important to do the study as this will certainly give you an idea about the different types of lures.

and what purpose do they serve so that you can take the right kind of lures.

as per the standards as this would certainly help you to take up things in the best way possible.

Apart from that, it becomes much more important to be sure of the baits as this will certainly help you to find the right one.

Apart from that, it is important to see a video based tutorial so that you can easily recognize different types of the bait.

that are available thus it becomes important so that you can get the best deal and you can find the right bait.

In addition, to that, there are review sites where you can easily see the reviews of best trevally lures, and apart from that.

the best bet is to go with non-bias reviews as this would give you an idea about the product.

and you can drop your money on the right product.

When buying through an online website it becomes much more important to know about the stuff.

as this would certainly help you get things done and this is why it is important to know about the product.

You can easily take up the right lures. It is important to do the research so that you can find the best lures.

Catching Giant Trevally

It is said that for fishing successfully, one needs to set up a good berley trail to draw the attention of the fish.

The giant trevally is often referred to as Ulua and is found from South Africa in the west to the east in Hawaii.

Fishing is a renowned sport in Hawaii.

They have an adjective ‘giant’ associated with it because it may grow up to 67 inches in length and may weight up to 80 kilograms.

That’s huge and catching such a huge is a hefty job.

To master the art of catching a jack as big as giant trevally, you have to plan it all and set up accordingly.

Giant trevally fishing Hawaii is a title common to all the locals.

they go fishing during weekends in hope for a big catch.

Set Up the premises

To catch a trevally you have got to prepare well. In this article, we will be covering the steps or procedure that will help you get your catch.

First things first, you have to arrange a fishing rig working in a perfect condition.

These fishes are strong beasts, so you need a strong instrument to make the catch.

Now you have to adjust the strength of the strings of the rig for making the perfect catch.

Secondly, you need to make sure a small hook is attached to the leader and the leader is of a short length nearly one meter.

Now, next step is setting up the fishing rig in either stray line alignment or kiwi alignment.

To set up your trevally fishing rigs in stray line alignment, the swivel needs to be below the sink. You have to attach the terminal baits and the keeper in a snell knot.

Next is attaching a small ball sinker to the mainline and finally attaching your rig to mainline with a clinch knot.

To set up your trevally fishing rigs in kiwi, hooks have to be placed below the sinker.

Again the first step is the same, you have to attach the terminal baits and the keeper in a snell knot.

Now, the next step is to attach the small ball sinker down on a top section of the keeper.

Attaching A Swivel

and finally attaching the rig using a swivel to the mainline.

Now that you are aware of the basic steps for setup of the fishing rigs for giant trevally.

you have to make sure that you place it properly in the boat.

What happens is when you are transferring the fish from the water to your boat.

the fish will definitely put up a good fight and the boat may dis-balance or you may lose control of the fish and it will fall back into the water.

This fish has a soft mouth, so have to very carefully place the fish in the boat or the shoreline.

Hawaii has a very beautiful coastline with different varieties of fishes.

you have decided to opt for giant trevally fishing Hawaii, we hope that you catch one!

Giant Trevally Fishing Tips

Here are trevally fishing tips that all those who are fond of fishing and catching trevally should know about.

  • It is suggested to hunt down the giant trevally when there are low light conditions. Before dusk is considered to be the apt and the perfect time for the action of the GT.
  • It is also better to catch this gangster fish of the ocean when it is closer to the spring tides as the water is quite high then and hunting them becomes easy.
  • It is best and highly recommended to go fishing when the water is moving as trevally is quite active then.
  • Due to low light, it is considered to be better if a person uses a dark streamer for this task of fishing the GT.

Catching the giant trevally is considered to be a challenging job which is why it is important to keep these trevally fishing tips in mind.


  • Use of the casting poppers- This is an old and traditional way of fishing the trevally, but for this one needs current in order to bring the fish to the surface.
  • Trolling poppers- This is another method of catching the trevally; this helps in bring the target to the wreck then use trolling poppers over them. This is ideal if down during tidal flow; these trollers can be used for trolling as well as for casting.
  • Fringing reefs- Another method is of using the fringing reef with poppers without hooks; in this, a person is standing with the fly rod and the fringing reefs are used to tease the GT and as soon as they come close then the fly rod is bent down to catch them.
  • Metal slices- The best method of catching such fishes through dropping metal slices to the bottom of the ocean; this helps in attracting the GT towards the metal slice which in turn helps in catching the fish.

The trevally is a great catch and one of the best fish species to catch in the ocean.

However, one should just know how to catch it and also should be aware of the conditions in which it would be caught.

How to catch silver trevally?

Trying hard all day to catch that silver trevally with your fishing rig wondering what could I have possibly done wrong that you haven’t caught a single one yet.

You know how delicious that silver trevally tastes after charring it on the grill and you feel like God is taunting you by not letting you catch one. Maybe you are fishing in the wrong place, you need to change location. Have you already tried changing the location? Well, then the last alternative for you is changing your trevally fishing rigs. There is a possibility that you might be fishing with the wrong rig. Before going for fishing for such big fish, you need to make your rig fills up the specifications required for catching it.

Knowing about the giant trevally caranx ignobilis

The trevally is a tough fish and if you are thinking that they won’t be putting up a good fight, then let me correct you, my friend. They are a very strong fish and won’t be giving up easy. If a trevally is caught in your rig, then you have got to put it very carefully onto your boat since they have a soft mouth and are often lost while transfer. Your trevally fishing rig should have high strength strings. And you clearly know how well these fishes taste, they make incredible sashimi. Reason being the high oil content.

Knowing about the rig

Now that we have discussed enough jacks and how to eat it. Let’s get started about how to catch it. The first thing to be kept in mind that the hook that is attached to the rig is small in size. The hook should be attached to a leader short in length approximately around 1 meter. And finally, a tiny cube of bait needs to be hooked on it. You know to attempt successful fishing, a good belly trail should be concentrating your fish around bait setup by you.

You can catch jacks by setting up your rig in either stray line or kiwi. For setting up your jacks fishing rigs in stray line, the sinker needs to sit above your swivel. You have to attach the terminal baits and the keeper in a snell knot. Next is attaching a small ball sinker to the mainline and finally attaching your rig to mainline with a clinch knot. For setting up your trevally fishing rigs in kiwi, sinker has to be placed above the hooks. Again the first step is the same, you have to attach the terminal baits and the keeper in a snell knot. Now, the next step is to attach the small ball sinker down on top section of keeper and finally attaching the rig using a swivel to the mainline.

The best bait that should be used to lure trevally is tiny cubes of skipjack, pilchard or whatever you think will be affordable. And if you are lucky enough to find trevally hunting for jigs, then you will be probably being able to catch the fish by luring it with your perfect bait.

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