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Buying the Cheapest Fishing Rod and Reel Combo – Is it worth it?

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Buying the Cheapest Fishing Rod and Reel Combo – Is it worth it?

It’s no wonder that fishing is one of the world’s most popular pastimes.

Nothing quite compares to sitting out in nature, taking part in an activity as old as humanity itself. Unlike other outdoorsy activities, fishing actually leaves you with an end result (as long as you manage to catch something!). It is a great way to teach little ones the importance of nature as well as a valuable life skill. Learning to fish could even save your life if you manage to get stranded out in the wild

Fishing is a notoriously expensive activity to start, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you start, buying rod and reel combo is a great way to save money. I recently bought a combo for my boy. He is growing out of his little kiddie rod and needs something a bit bigger that is able to handle medium action. My son is a bit tough on his equipment, so I wanted something cheap but durable for the little tyke. I don’t want to spend a fortune on replacing broken rods or jammed reels. After hours of searching for the perfect low budget option, I eventually settled on the cheapest of the lot. A surprisingly well performing, beginners rod called the Okuma ROX.

Why Okuma ROX

okuma rox combo

When I look at buying any fishing equipment, I consider three main aspects. I search for a combination of workmanship, material quality, and price point. When you work within these three values, choosing the right equipment for your budget is an easier task

The Okuma ROX is such a fantastic option because it excels in each genre.

My son has put the rod through some hard use since I bought it, and it has held up to the challenge. The quality of material and workmanship really shine with this low budget combo. I have bought some real shockers in my lifetime, and hate nothing more than wasting hard earned cash replacing shoddy parts.

The graphite-composite blank construction of the rod gives it a high level of sensitivity, allowing you to feel sensitive nibbles on a lure. The reels operation is silky smooth and multi-disk oil felt drag washers ensure that you don’t build up excessive friction or heat while reeling in a big catch.

I know what you are thinking!

if its such good quality, how can it be the cheapest. To be honest, I’m not sure either, Okuma has done well with this combo. The Okuma ROX will only set you back around 30 USD, although I have seen it around for even cheaper when they go on sale. It is not often that the cheapest option is also the best option, but here it is. Click Here For Price

A closer look at the rod and reel combo

This combo is meant for medium action, perfect for beginner looking to get started or a kid moving up to a bigger rod. You can use this rod in salt water or on a lake, just be sure to fish in areas that don’t specialize in large fish. If you over stress the rod with excess weight, it could either snap or be pulled overboard.

With the graphite composite blank construction, the rod won’t crack when put under normal pressure It is made from fiberglass and comes in varying lengths. Choosing the right length is important to get the most out of your rod and if you are unsure, I would consult with a shop attendant at time of purchase. It is a two-piece, which is great at BDM action.

How about the auxiliary features?

it has a lower split cork grip, and a forward facing, foam EVA grip. It’s a great little rod, capable of standing up to hard use and knocks and bumps. Premium rods can be a little sensitive to daily bumps and mishaps, but this one is built to last through the hardships. I think the only way you could hope to break it by mistake would be to slam it in the car door (I’m hoping you are not that unfortunate!).

The reel comes with an aluminum crank arm that you’d be hard-pressed to bend or warp. The spools are also made from aluminum, no sub-par materials here! At first, I was surprised by such a nice reel on a budget option, but then I discovered that the line included with the reel was terrible. I suggest you replace it with a better-quality line the first chance you get.

Pros and Cons

Although this is a great option, everything has it’s downsides and this combo might not be for you. I made these pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right fit.

  1. Pro – It’s made of high-quality fiberglass and won’t break on its first use. This rod will last a good while.
  2. Pro – The reel is aluminum, no rust or freezing up issues.
  3. Pro – If you or your kid drops it overboard, it’s not a crazy expense to replace. At 30 dollars, you can afford to buy a new one.
  4. Pro – Even if you grow out of it, a great entry level rod like this can be used to teach both adults and children the principles of fishing
  5. Con – If you want to catch big fish, this isn’t the combo for you
  6. Con – You have to replace the line that comes with the reel, and that’s a little annoying plus an extra expense.

Where to buy it

This combo is a popular option among beginners You’ll be able to find it in most local fishing shops in your area. If you are sure of the size you want, and need would like a more convenient option, Amazon is your best bet. You can even pick up the rod at your local Walmart. If you want to order it online click here for the latest price

The bottom line

Not only is the Okuma ROX is the only rod and reel combo you’ll find at this price point, but it is the highest quality combo within the beginner bracket. The fiberglass two-piece rod is durable and won’t snap under pressure or fall apart with rough handling. The aluminum reel is a great asset, that will stand the test of time. All that for 30 USD is an incredible bargain. If you’re looking for the official ulua brand click here

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