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Best baitcaster combo for the money. Let’s take a look at some of the best baitcasting reels.

All of these baitcasting combos that we review will get you started at under $200.

In fact, most of this baitcasting rod and reel combos are ranging under $100 and are the perfect baitcasting combos for 2019.

Let’s take a look at some of these rod and reel combos and hope we can find you a match.

Fishing is one of the oldest activities that human beings adopted.

It is associated with health and happiness.

There is nothing more soothing watching the waves crashing against the shores and enjoying the blue water.

The fresh air of the atmosphere is also a great source of reducing stress and anxiety.

Moreover, with time, experience helps you to become good at fishing.

Before we get in-depth, let’s take a look at some of the essentials for fishing.

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Even though fishing as a hobby has existed for a long time, it is not as simple as it looks.

It requires effort to master the art of casting your net and setting your bait correctly so that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

If correctly done, fishing can be a fun-filled as well as affordable activity.

The contents of the fishing tool-box are critical tools that assist in catching fish easily.

The tools can vary according to the type of fish you are planning to catch.

There is a list of things you need to know before setting out on a fishing trip.

Cheap Fishing Line Check Price.


Fishing rods consist of a solid shaft made of strong material, mainly fiberglass and graphite, which helps the rod to be non-breakable.

This rod is joined with the reel, bait, and hooks.

The types of fishing rods depend on the type of fish you plan on catching.

With every rod type, the strength and reaction changes.


Reels are joined with fishing rods to control the length of the line you wish to cast in the water.

Reels are set near the fishing rod at reel seat.


Fish hooks help the fish to get caught in the reels as soon as they bite the bait.

Once the fish are caught in the hook they cannot unhook themselves.

Designs of fish hooks vary according to the fish you want to catch.


Weights are attached to the hooks and are sent deep down into the water where they help the hooks to settle in the deepest level of water.

Floats are attached to the reel so that they are held closer to the surface, preventing it from sinking in the water entirely.

Floats determine the level to which the fishing rods can go.


The bait comes in various materials including live worms, fish, frogs, marshmallows, or kernel corns. Their prices also vary accordingly.


best baitcast reel under 50

Every fisherman, including you, knows the importance of a good baitcasting reel.

When you’re ready to hit the waters, you want a bait cast reel you can trust.

It’s obvious you want quality, but you may also want a balance between quality and affordability.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide on the best baitcasting reels under 50 bucks.

We know you’ve meticulously chosen each item in your tackle setup.

So we’ve taken great care in combing through the top baitcasting reels to bring you the top on the market.

Below is the list of the best bait cast reels that go for under $50 in 2019.


Abu Garcia BMAX3 Max Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel

This is probably the best reel you’ll find on the market without spending a boatload of cash. Its body deals very well with saltwater and freshwater. And not only does it feel great in your hands, but you can also use any fishing line you prefer because of the unique MagTrax casting system.

Thanks to the four-ball bearings made of stainless steel as well as the rolling bearing, reeling in what’s on the end of your line will feel like nothing you’ve felt before.

KastKing Royale Legend Low-Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Silence is a key thing to have when fishing and this KastKing reel provides just that. It has a high-speed 7.0:1 line retrieval as well as 17.5 pounds of drag. With ball bearings made to be corrosion-resistant, you’ll be able to smoothly and quietly cast out and reel back in. And

And this isn’t some wimpy, weak reel that will perform well for a short amount of time. No, this reel built to last for years to come, performing at top-notch the whole way.


Entsport Classic Saltwater Casting Reel

Maybe you’re one of those fishermen that roughs up his tackle gear. If so, you may want to consider the Entsport Classic Saltwater Casting Reel. It’s tough and durable, thanks to its titanium alloy body and sides.

It also can hold a bunch of lines and allows for more drag and fast retrieval. With 10 ball bearings made of stainless steel and an Anti-Reverse bearing, fishing will be as smooth as all get-out.

NOEBY Low-Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Attention, saltwater fishermen: this is a fishing reel you should take a closer look at. With any 1-7g lure, you can use this NOEBY reel with great precision. It has an adjustable braking system, giving you complete control while on the Great Big Blue. This reel can handle 10 lbs of line capacity at 125 yards or 12 pounds at 100 yards.


Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Fishing Reel

“Fun” is in this reel’s name, and appropriately so. With up to 18 pounds of drag power, you’ll be able to have fun reeling in humongous fish. Plus, three washers, brass gears, and the speedy line retrieval give this reel the power, durability and performance you need.

And maintaining this reel should be a breeze, thanks to the oil port on the side of the reel. This makes it so much easier to take good care of your reel so it can last as long as possible.


BLISSWILL Kunting Baitcast Fishing Reel

Good for both saltwater and freshwater, the Bliss will give you bliss while you’re out on the water. It can handle 30 pounds at 109 yards, and the ceramic insert helps keep your line from getting damaged. The 14 stainless steel ball bearings and the anti-reverse clutch system make this reel a super smooth option.


kastking baitcaster review

Based on price and durability the above mentioned and reviewed KastKing Baitcasting Reels has to be some of the Best KastKing Baitcasters available right now in 2018. There are other models available but do your research to determine which one would best suit your fishing style and needs.

Along with these baitcasting reels, you’ll need a rod to go with it. If you are looking for some rod reviews check out our other post how to choose a saltwater fishing rod as we go over some saltwater rods and what to look for.


The KastKing Assassin is their lightest baitcasting reel available built with a carbon constructed body, side plates and handle.

This makes it an extremely lightweight baitcasting reel.

Weighing in at only 5.7 ounces you can be sure to perform at long periods of time.

How about stopping power?

The KastKing assassin baitcasting reel gives you a smooth and impressive 4 discs carbon fiber 16.5-pound drag.

It also has 11 + 1 shielded corrosion resistant MaxiDur ball bearings.

Design? Well, the KasKing assassin has a very unique look with a midnight black finish and a touch of blue accents.

You also have the option to order these with a right or left-hand handle.

Overall they are pretty impressive for the price compared to other top-end reels. Another thing to note is that instead of a dial these use pins. They cast flawlessly almost every time. The outer casing does feel a little cheap but as mentioned for the price they make a great baitcasting reel.


If you want something even cheaper than the KastKing Assassin then you may want to consider the KastKing Royale Legend. As for performance, the KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Reel has a low profile design and a super silent high speed 7.0:1 line retrieve. It comes with a precision-cut brass gear structure and a carbon fiber drag system rated at a 17.5-pound drag.

Design? Two-color anodized aluminum forged multi-ported whiffle-style spool. Modern Black with a hint of red. Also equipped with 11 + 1 shielded MaxiDur corrosion resistant ball bearings.

Overall for the price, I must say great reel. If you’re a beginner angler wanting to test the waters with a baitcasting reel this will get you started without breaking your wallet. You can get this reel with a rod and start fishing for less than a hundred buckaroos. These reels also come with your choice of the left hand or right-hand handles. Although we were only able to find the white-colored version with a left-hand handle.


The KastKing stealth baitcasting reel has a price tag that comes in between the KastKing Assassin and the KastKing Royale Legend baitcasting reels. It features a lightweight all carbon baitcaster which weighs in at 6 ounces which is very close to the KastKing Assassin.

This reel packs exceptional power in such a small package. This reel has a 16.5-pound dynamic drag. Equipped with 11 ball bearings you’ll feel the smoothness in these reels. It also has an aircraft-grade aluminum spool and carbon fiber handles with EVA knobs and braid resistant ceramic line guide 7.0:1 casting reel.

Design? A very sleek and modern black with a touch of yellow/gold accents. The design look and feel is very similar to that of the KastKing Assassin and Royale Legend.

Overall if you’re looking for a baitcasting reel which comes within the price range of the assassin and royal legend then this is the reel you’ll want to test the waters with the KastKing Stealth. Performance is very similar to the KastKing Assassin and for the price well worth it.



We are going to take a look at some baitcasting reels by kastking.

Here is a bit of information about KastKing. KastKing believes in making fishing fun and so do we.

They provide quality fishing products at a reasonable price their service is also fast and reliable.

Built for enthusiastic anglers who need a great tackle with endurance and power.

-=-=-=-==-=-=- add kastking reel tables =-=-=-=-=-=-


KastKing a company created in New York. KastKing, a company that also goes by the name eposeidon always believed that fishing tackle should be at a lower cost while not sacrificing quality.

With that being said, based on their about us page they mention that eposeidon relies on suppliers in various countries to provide the best quality manufacturing components available.

Although the company is based in New York we believe (based on the about page) that the kastking reels are manufactured in other countries other than the united states.


A company called Eposeidon which is based in the united states.


Despite some of the negative reviews found online and on forums, KastKing has a reputation for being cheap but don’t let that fool you.

Although KastKing has cheaper priced reels vs your top major brands such as shimano, penn, daiwa and okuma, the kastking reels make a great entry level reel.

At the price these fishing reels go for, you can’t expect champaign on a beer budget but they do work and get the job done.

Enough with the background information on KastKing let’s look at some of the baitcasting reels that they offer and which one will get the best bang for your buck.


KastKing Also has its own fishing line. Just like we mentioned above KastKing is located in New York but its products seem to be manufactured in various countries other than the US. This helps keep the cost down.

They offer many different types of braided fishing line and monofilament.

Best Baitcasting Combos

Best Baitcaster Combo For The Money

Getting all fishing materials from different places is a hectic job.

It doesn’t only require time and effort, but it can also prove to be extra pricey.

However, if your passion for fishing requires you to get the best baitcaster rod and reel, then Amazon might be the right place for you, where you can find the best baitcaster combos.

A baitcaster combo consists of a fishing rod with a grip and reel seat.

The baitcaster combo helps you to control the accuracy and efficiency of casting and catching the fish.

Since every fisherman seeks to have the best essentials for the activity, having options available for selecting among the best baitcaster combos is a win-win proposition.



Abu Garcia has evolved quickly and efficiently to improve the quality of its customers in order to provide them with the best fishing experience. Pro Max Combo provides the customers with a medium-action budget-friendly fishing rod that costs you less than $200 on Amazon.

The fishing rod is made up of graphite and is durable yet lightweight.

Moreover, it gives you options to select rods varying in power.

The reel is lightweight and is made of stainless steel bearings and a graphite frame. The reel has a gear ratio that is also suitable for catching frogs and toads.

This combination is lightweight and allows you smooth functioning. In fact, it is one of the most amazing baitcaster combos for money available to you.


  • Smoot Functioning
  • Well-assembled
  • Fast reclamation
  • Affordable
  • Extra-ordinary casting capability


  • It might make annoying sounds while casting.
  • Lacks some power departments.



The baitcaster rod is made of stainless steel and graphite to make it lightweight.

This rod is sensitive as well as durable.

It comes with 2 pieces, which prevents breakage while traveling.

The reel is made of graphite and boasts double handles made of aluminum. It has a machine-made coil to control the length of the reel. The magnetic casting system makes it easy to cast and control the fishing experience.

This combo proves to be perfect for beginners; however, the only disadvantage is that it comes with right-handed operation only.


  • Strong rod
  • Suitable for large fish
  • Inexpensive.


  • The rod needs to be handled with care otherwise it may break.


berkely lightning rod

Berkley rods have long been essential for fishermen.

However this time Berkley has come up with new lightweight rods with improved quality.

The new baitcasting reel and the fishing rod that is 7 inches long are made up of graphite.

The rod performs medium action.

The reel ratio is 6:2:1. The new wheel consists of only 5 ball bearings yet the reel is strong.


  • Moderate price
  • Strong rod
  • Super sensitive spinning rod


  • Lack of palm support in the spinning wheel.
  • The spinning rod may bend easily
  • Tips may break.

PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod Fishing Combo

PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod Fishing Combo

The rod is lightweight and is made up of graphite and comes is a tubular shape.

The lightweight rod is made up of graphite and also contains a graphite reel seat.

The rod is 6.6 inches long and helps the fisherman hold and control the rod even with wet hands.

The reel of this combo uses high-quality steel, and the frame is made up of graphite and aluminum which makes it lightweight yet vigorous.

The reel consists of only 2 ball bearings but turns out to be amazing value for money. The gear moves with the ratio of 3:3:1 which is great for catching big fish.


  • Simple and durable technology used.
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to reassemble


  • Some parts may get sticky
  • The packaging does not contain sufficient description


how to cast a baitcaster far

How-To Cast A Baitcaster Far?

Baitcasting is one of the main fishing processes involving throwing bait into water that itself, is attached to a line with the help of a rod or a reel.

The practice is common among the small scale fishing individuals and even the best leisure activity to be carried out in the water during the adventure.

The practice also entails a single catch of a fish one after the other.

The main unique feature of these bait casters is that they can be attached to heavy lines that will facilitate the casting of bait to very long distances.

This is advantageous as it can allow using heavier or even thicker lines with diverse casting distance and hence more time is created to present a bait to a fish.

To cast a bait caster far for maximum exposure of the lure to the fish that will lead to greater efficiency of the baitcasting reel entails several measures that have to be put in place.

With a precise procedural plan that will facilitate timely fishing.

These procedural mechanisms are majorly achieved through inducing some modifications to the baitcasting reels and lines.

Using physical or varied body conformational twists that suits and facilitates the efficiency of the practice.

Among such procedures and techniques applied to a reel and entirely during the process are as follows.


Never fill the spool in order to reduce the friction that may lead to inefficient casting.

This is because it is the spool itself that unspins the line from the spool hence a clear implication that there is no friction that may result from the same.

Instead of filling it, just shy of the edge of the taper on the spool to help you have less line in the bait caster hence friction minimization.

Lack of this friction with the bait caster enables you to cast to a very bottom and of the spool which applies both to when the spool could have been full.

The less line that can be contained in the bait caster spool allows for the free spinning of the spool extending the distance due to its increased efficiency.

This is useful as there will be no line rubbing on the frame that may be too full.

The small spool implies that you need to have an adequate line for casting your lure to longer distances.


gt lure

Ensure that you check on the lure weight before throwing it on to the water.

This will help you match the rod action with the lure weight.

This simply implies that throwing lighter lures will result in more distance by allowing more to be loaded on the backcast side.

Which is effected through going down in power?

But for medium weight lures, you will have to go down to medium-power rod from a medium-heavy power rod.

The same applies to heavy lures which will require the use of the powerful rod.

Going up in power with weighty lures, raring back and firing with more load on the rod.

will help you cast the bait farther.


Casting motion should also be a measure to be considered.

Precise shortening of your motion and keeping your elbows tight will effectively help you load and unload the rod on the cast creating inertia on the bait to give it the distance.

This precaution measure is also important in protecting the anglers with forearm or elbow injuries which are encountered through overextension over quite a long period of time.


baitcasting reel brake

Setting fewer brakes with the braid also helps with How-To Cast A Baitcaster Far.

Do away with fewer brakes on your reel to give a greater distance and improved efficiency.

This is because the spool braid is lighter and tighter with its dismal diameter being smaller than even monofilament hence you can even turn them down completely hence facilitating very long distances.

These brakes limit the maximum distance achievement and lowering the normal efficiency of the reel.

It’s important to always consider it during the practice.


Ensure that you line up the line guide of your reel.

This line guide refers to the small opening where the line comes off from the spool and start its attachment to the rod.

Ensuring that this measure is taken into account reduces the friction on the cast.

Another closely related modification is the use of the braid as backing.

This is because the line that is wrapped around the spool is just a proportionate measure to increase its diameter.

with much weight being added and therefore the braid will allow the spool to spin faster.

hence a far distance reached due to the same efficiency measure.


Letting out more line is a modification measure that will guarantee far bait casting.

This can be achieved through letting out about more than five feet of the line.

coupled with an increase in the load on the rod that will facilitate more release on the cast.

which is proportionate to a more long-distance.

With heavy lures or bait, the longer leash may result in an increase in the distance of the cast.

It’s an obvious feature that enables the anglers to effectively cast their bait or lures to the farthest distance.


thumb spool

Training of your thumb to thumb-hard and ensure that you gain a free-spinning spool and reduce on the tension brakes.

Getting used to this will help you increase your distance with bait casters.

Efficient control of the spool with your thumb increases the reel efficiency.

by ensuring that the spool spin under your thumb and ensuring that no loops are formed.

The faster the spinning speed of the spool is also facilitated by the lure on the line.

Hard-soft-hard is the pattern suiting the use of the bait caster that only involves the use of the thumb only.

All these tips with the above-mentioned ones will help you as an angler.

reach the maximum casting distance when using the bait casters.

It’s advisable for those willing and would wish to cast their bait casters to a far distance.

To strictly get to adhere and strictly apply this simple modification to their bait casting.

to facilitate their efficiency and improve their fishing.

that will also help them realize other basic benefits of such procedural measures.


How to Spool Braided Line on a Baitcaster

Spool a braided line on a baitcaster. But, this does not only require winding line onto the spool.

The process should never be made as quickly as possible.

If the spool braided line is aligned poorly, it will eventually go and mess the line and tangles that stip on top of your baitcaster.

And the bass will be chuckling below you.

If no one has ever taught you to spool braided line on a baitcaster, we will be here to give you some tips.

We will add up things like these to your mind. Learn more about the proper way to spool your baitcaster.

Understand that it can just be simply the simple method ever.

The important thing is that you will risk dealing with the issue and do it properly.

Below are some of the significant steps to consider in mind when spooling braided line on a baitcaster.


Our first goal is to teach you first how to put a spool braided line on a baitcaster.

  • Attach the mono right through the braided line if you will be using a double uni knot. This is in the case of using a monofilament.
  • Set up the baitcaster for it to level to the spool of the line to use. Set up the spool so that it will rotate freely. So, you could reel the line onto the spool of the reel.
  • The line that you attach to the spool should pass the line at a level wind, right under and over the spool. Then, tie an arbor knot. You need to cut the tag out. Pass the line right through the line guides’ eyelets. This is in the case of spooling with the reel on the butt end blank.
  • While you keep the line tight, start reeling at a constant and decent speed. The reel’s level wind should be the line that is spooled evenly. This will be across the width of the spool.
  • Spool the line until finally, it reaches the app. 1/8 inch from the top of the spool mount. Add more and be sure that the spool rotates. It should not touch any other part of the reel body.
  • The reel should be fully spooled. Leave enough line that can thread through those rod guides. Continue and then, tie it on a lure.
  • That’s when you can hit the water!


When using a braided line, consider using the backmost part of the monofilament.

This should then be attached to the reel.

This is also due to the slickness of the braid.

The braided line that is attached to the aluminum spool might slip and drag and can perform poorly.

This is also when the line runs out towards the end most part of the spool.

What holds the reel a lot easier is the backing of the monofilament.

This is also even if the line has run out.

There should still be a drag system that keeps on functioning.

If you will still spool with anything than just the braid, mono backing is not anymore needed.

Essential Tips Continued

Many people have mono backing with fluorocarbon or braid is because they will be using larger reels.

They no longer want to spend more money just so they fill the spool with the line.

The use of 100-yards of monofilament and an expensive braid permits you to fill up the reel.

That way, the reel performance, and the casting is never affected.

In regard to putting the line on the baitcaster, the discussion is still on-going in the fishing world.

This is when it comes to having mono backing.

You might get a fish that can take the whole line of the spool while you go fight with it.

This will never happen for as long as you chase after fish using equipment that is not fit to handle the size.


The type of the knot that you will use to spool a baitcaster will depend on the type of line that you use on the reel.

An arbor knot is needed when spooling your baitcaster or adding a monofilament backing.

This serves its best purpose of attachment.

This knot can just be so easy for you to tie.

The pressure on the knot also tightens it.

When you make use of an arbor knot, it can work well with the attaching braid to a spool.

It is just that a mono-backing is recommended if there is no gripped surface on the spool for the braided line.

It will depend on the amount of monofilament backing there is on the spool.

You may as well have a mono attached that can keep the line from slipping.

You will only need ten yards. If you will put mono backing to fill up more of the reel, get up to fifty or more yards.

Mono Backing

When you decide to use mono backing, you need to attach the braided line to the mono backing.

This is needed before spooling. A double uni-knot needs to be used as a favorite knot.

This one may seem complicated as compared to the arbor knot.

Better to practice it several times before finally getting a knot that you can just be comfortable with.

Many people actually love this knot since it is low profile.

If you will get to take down on mono backing, it will never hang up in the guide eyelets.

This also keeps the braid and mono perfectly aligned with no kinks. This is believed to be a strong knot.

Clear Waters

Many anglers like it using a fluorocarbon leader when it comes to fishing clear water.

That is why you should not be adding the leader until you’re already on the water.

If in case you’re already there, you can go ahead and add it right through your outfit.

If you will attach a fluorocarbon leader to the braided line, it is therefore right to use a Palomar knot.

This is the most effective way of attaching it.

Prior to attaching the backing to your line before finally spooling, connecting the two before the spooling is a lot easier.

Tie the backing onto the baitcaster reel before you spool the entirety of the line. This will also depend on your preference.

This will give you a chance to determine the stance on this.

When lining a bait caster, you need to have an understanding of the simple concepts mentioned.

Know more about the knot types that make the initial process a lot easier. It will also lead to less frustration when on the water.


Spooling a braided line on a baitcaster reel is never a difficult task.

However, you need to be ready about it.

There are some significant steps to follow to make the process a lot easier.

Reduce frustrations by learning more when on the water.

It will be essential to position the spool of the line.

The line should go on a level with the reel that is being spooled.

It should be positioned well enough to be rotated freely.

This is also while you go reeling in with the handle of the baitcaster reel.

This will help to lay the line down evenly across the spool.

You can make use of so many tools that are intended for this.

And, you may decide on the home remedies to use effectively.

When you will be doing it, you need to be sure that the line is kept tight as it comes onto the spool.

It will be a good way to keep the slackline going on to the spool.

This will introduce knots and tangles so deep right in the spool.

If it will not be corrected right away, it will reduce the line that you will get on.

It will also mainly affect casting performance.

Slackline on the baitcaster

Through the use of baitcasters, the slackline on the baitcaster reel will greatly increase the chances for a dreaded backlash.

There are so many commercial stands intended to be used for spooling.

They give you ways to do it very easy.

If you will go with using a homemade design, you need to keep off your hand on the line.

You should ever do this before it finally comes in the reel.

Add some pressure using your finger and thumb to the line that comes it to keep an even and tight lay.

It also helps if the reel is attached through the butt end piece of the rod blank having 2 or 3 guides on the blank.

When you run the line through the guide eyelets, it will keep everything in line while spooling.

The use of a baitcaster should require level wind laid line down evenly.

This is considering the entirety of the reel with no further assistance.

You only need to keep the tightness on the line while you reel line onto the spool.

Spool the line for up to a 1/8-inch beginning from the top of the spool.

Then, it should be mounted on any side of the spool.

You need to make sure that the line spooled is clear from any surrounding reel.

Adjust it until finally, the spool rotates freely.

The line will have an impact on the amount that you can spool.

You also will get a more 20-pound braided line on the spool than the 20-pound monofilament.


It is always normal for us to get a little more of what we want or need.

It is just that anglers learn to spool a baitcaster by adding more line.

This is not right as the reel might not hold it anymore.

If you already are done with it, you get a sense of satisfaction of getting an extra more line on there.

The feeling will never last long when getting out onto the water.


It is essential to spool the braided line onto a baitcaster reel.

You may seek the assistance of a professional to do it for you.

In the store where you purchase the braided line, it will give a reel spooling service.

This will also not be paid at such an additional cost.

You need to take advantage of the offer of the shop.

Yes, maybe you will pay a nominal fee.

When you hire a professional, it will give you the biggest advantage of loading your baitcaster reel with braided line.

You get confidence because the process is just done correctly.

You won’t ever want the idea of losing the chrome salmon or Dorado as the braid is installed improperly.


If the professional is not possible to help you load the spool braided line on a baitcaster, you can just do it by yourself. The only thing you need to do is to follow the easy steps mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest Baitcaster to use?

The clear winner here is the Piscifin Torrent. It’s incredibly well priced, and you get a reel that competes with some of the baitcasters of the higher class. It’s easy to use, well cast and will last for a long time.

How do I choose a baitcaster?

1. Select the Right Gear Ratio. One of the first things you will need to do is determine the right gear ratio—a factor that affects the speed of your lure’s retrieval.
2. Spool Size. The next thing you will want to consider is the size of the spool.
3. We need to remember that comfort is key.

Can a Baitcaster go on any rod?

You can position a baitcaster on a spinning rod, but it is not recommended. In wide loops, the line comes from spinning reels, which is why spinning reel guides are large, much larger than casting rods. … The line coming off the reel would clash with the guides if the spinning reel was placed on a casting rod.


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