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DJI phantom 3 fishing setup

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Fishing is a sport loved by many people as it not only offers a lot of fun and entertainment but its also very rewarding as you get to catch the best varieties of fish.

A combination of fishing and flying drones is even more fun and exciting.

Many expert anglers now use drones for fishing hence giving drone fishing some popularity in recent times.

Drone fishing is not just an option but it comes with many benefits that make drone fishing more exciting.

Many anglers use drones due to its capability of holding a bait on the surface and provide enough resistance that is required to release a kite clip.

Drones are more portable and can be carried by just one person.

The video shooting capability allows you to capture the best fishing moments and come up with a high-quality fishing footage.

They are capable of flying several baited hooks offshore as well as pulling baits to the spots that can’t easily be reached by casting.

How to set up the DJI Phantom 3 drone for fishing

How to set up the DJI Phantom 3 drone for fishing

First and foremost, you need to get a drone that best suits your needs and preferences before you even think of the setup process.

DJI Phantom 3 is the best in the market as it comes with the best battery lifespan, a good flying speed, easy to control and robust to winds.

This is the step by step guide for setting up the DJI Phantom 3 Drone for fishing.

  1. Create attachment points to your drone. Creating them in the middle of the body ensures they balance on the
  2. Attach the release clip to the first attachment point to allow you to rig a release mechanism
  3. Attach the fishing line to the release Crip and unlock the reel to allow the line to extend as far as you need
  4. Fly the bait to your preferred drop location
  5. unlock the reel and fly the drone until the release clip pops
  6. Fly back your drone to ensure it doesn’t drop into the sea

Parts of a drone

parts of a drone

You need to know all the parts of your DJI Phantom 3 drone for you to set it up properly and venture into the
adventurous fishing experience.

The Standard props

these are the drone propellers at the front of the quadcopter which pulls it through the

The pusher props

they are located at the back of the quadcopter and are responsible for pushing the UAV

Brushless Motors

these are motor designs associated with the latest drones that ensure efficiency and
reliable performance. These latest motors save battery life giving more flying

Motor mount

this is built in the combinations fitting and has landing struts. They are easily replicable and
you can do it yourself.

Landing gear

most recent drones have landing gears that ensure successful landing and gives you a full
360 degrees view while in the air.

These are some of the important parts of a good fishing drone but other parts include the boom, main drone body,
electric speed controllers, and flight controllers among other parts.

Phantom 3 bait dropper drone fishing

dji phantom 3 bait dropper
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Phantom 3 bait dropper is easy to use and will drop your bait at the right location allowing for convenience and reliability.

It has an easy trigger mechanism that enables you to control the bait dropper with a simple LED on and off function.

Drone fishing release mechanism

Drone fishing release mechanism
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Releasing the drone also requires some skill for you to get it right.

You need release mechanism which will allow you to carefully drop your bait and line into the water at the appropriate time and location.

Some drones come with airdrop release accessories that you can attach to the drone.

You can then attach your fishing line to the release mechanism. The line needs to extend as much as possible hence you need to ensure you unlock the reel in your fishing rod.

After this, you can now fly your drone to the point where you need to drop the bait and ensure you lock the real.

The release mechanism will allow your bait to land successfully in the water where you want it to land.

Lastly, you need to fly your drone back and reel out the fish with your rod.

Phantom 3 standard bait release

dji phantom bait release

Phantom 3 Standard bait release is the best fishing bait you can get for your best fishing experience.

It comes with many features such as rechargeable battery, easy and faster mounting, no needed modification, central load lifting ensuring balance and is easy to carry as it weighs less than 50 grams.

It is easy to use and will release your bait at the exact point where you need it.

Drone fishing line release

drone fishing line release

Drone fishing line release enables you to cast your bait as far as possible enabling you to get the best fishing experience as the line can go further than any normal fishing rod could ever reach.

With the drone, you can transport your bait and line to whatever location of your choice and then control it back when the work is done.

Phantom 3 standard fishing

dji phantom standard
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Fishing with phantom 3 standards is even more enjoyable as it comes with powerful motors that will set your drone in speed through the air.

You don’t need to worry about it dropping into the ocean as you only need to press a button and it will return back to you. It has a good battery life hence can fly in 25 minutes with just a single charge.

The LED lights indicators notify you of the current power level and status.

Phantom 3 gannet bait release

phantom 3 garnet bait release

This bait release is easy to set up and you can mount it on your bait for less than 2 minutes with just a simple tool as a screwdriver.

It has its own rechargeable battery and fully autonomous and self-sufficient.

It ensures equal loading by lifting the load centrally.

It’s activated by front LED lights and is easy to turn on and off with buttons in the drone’s remote.

It’s very portable as it weighs only 50 grams.

Drone fishing rig

drone fishing

Fishing drones are specifically designed to carry long fishing lines and drop baits as far as possible. The fishing lines are attached to the rigs which enable then to fly the baits up to
a distance of 1kilometer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we end the article, let’s have a look at some frequently asked questions related to drone fishing rigs.

How much weight can a DJI Phantom 3 carry?

Up to 1-1.2kg play-load can be carried by this system alone but the Phantom 3 drone may only lift 500gr to keep it secure and functional, you can lift more than that, but it is not recommended.

Can I fly my drone in rain?

Drones are usually unable to fly in the rain because drones are neither water-proof or water-resistant. But there are some drone systems with various water resistance stages.

Is it legal to fly a drone at the beach?

recreational drones will not be permitted to fly within 30 m of any other individuals and will not be allowed to fly above 120 m above ground level. They should not be flown over or people in beaches, parks, activities or sports fields where a game is in progress.


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