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Boat Tackle Organizer Systems

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Boat Tackle Organizer Systems.

Ever experienced you are on a fishing trip or a tournament day when you have reached the fishing spot.

You take out your fishing gear bag and you get caught in the mess to find all the necessary items
to prepare for the hunt.

You lose a good chunk of time in your preparation.

Poor organization of things will cost dearly! Professional Anglers who play in fishing tournaments or play just for sport in rough seas they need to be ready and

At-times the tools and items are required quickly to make the catch successful.

It is also equally important in the first place that the equipment is stored properly which means organized and well protected and

A tackle organizer system is an answer to make the hunt professional, enjoyable and convenient.

Let’s dive in and explore the information regarding the tackle organizers.


The Bass boat tackle storage is a built-in storage locker compartments in a Bass boat.

These lockers are placed at the front of the boat, right, left and center respectively.

The lockers on both sides are spacious and accommodate the fishing rods.

You can also put other bulky necessary items such as first aid box, toolkit, and a small fire
extinguishers etc.

a great Boat Tackle Organizer Systems choice.

The fishing rods can be covered with colored rod pockets to identify the rods of different individuals.

The central storage compartment is spacious and goes down to the boat front. In this storage cavity, we could store
important items like rain gear, PFDs (Personal Floating Device) or any other item.

We can place labeled plastic boxes which can contain any type of small accessory such as plastic baits, crank baits, jigs, weights, terminal tackle
hooks, finesse kits, and any other small box-able item.

Packaged items such as Rage Tails, which are packed in their own clam boxes, can be kept a-new and ready to use by storing them in plastic zipper bags to be kept in this storage.


The Easy View Tackle system is a universal system which can be fitted into any boat.

This system is conceptualized from a mechanic’s toolbox where the user exactly knows which item is stored where.

This system utilizes small plastic bags to keep the small items safe and secured.

One of the reasons for using the plastic bags is that bait manufacturers develop baits with different scents so it is
important that the bait is unpacked only when it is time for its usage.

So, the packaged baits are hung directly on the mounted hooks.

Easy View System

The bags are placed on specially designed clip strips that have additional hooks which auto adjust
while the lid is open or closed.

This is very good as your baits and other small items are safely stored in the bag when the sea is rough.

This system is quite resilient as it utilizes the patented clip strip design.

Additionally, foam filled crank hangers protect the baits and make retrievals easy.

The tackle and lure system also includes all the hardware for screws and adhesives mounting applications.

Easy View Tackle System provides different product combinations to suit the user’s needs.

These are listed below.

  • Crank Bait system
  • Mini Tackle system
  • Tackle System
  • Complete Tackle Management System

These provide the users with the great flexibility to choose from.

This combo provide flexible options according to your budget while they are reasonably priced as well.


A good option available in the market is the Cook’s Go-To Tackle Storage system.

It is simple but convenient and resilient.

This system comprises U-shaped metal racks with hanger holes that can be screw mounted on any inner boat surface to provide good storage

This system can transform the un-utilized space under the deck compartment lids into an amazingly convenient and highly usable storage place.
The Rack dimensions are 12x1x1 inches respectively.

You can conveniently hang your spinnerbaits and jigs. The system comes with 2 racks along with 12 rings
and installation hardware and available in 2 colors i.e. black and white respectively.

This system has been rigorously tested under tournament as well as rough sea conditions.


When you look with an ergonomic perspective, where wasted space could be utilized efficiently the storage
locker lid is such a place to look out for.

You can have a rod system pre-installed by a professional or install it by yourself. U-shaped and J-shaped metal
channel bars can be used to customize your storage capacity requirements.

These could be mounted under the tackle compartment lids which would then be equipped
with hanging hooks placed across the width of the lid.

You can hang your fish baits, jigs, and other such small items for an expanded variety of your fishing

If you are good with tools you can always work to make additional storage compartments in your boat.

In fact, any other installation that could be efficiently utilized can be manufactured.

So, Do-it-yourself ideas can give many options like:

DIY Ideas

  • Install additional rods that could hold hooks and similar stuff
  • Make additional compartment boxes wherein you could slide in your boxed items.
  • Any clamps where you could mount your fishing rods

While professional tackle systems are available in the market as seen in the review above, it is not difficult to
make and install these systems if you are handy with tools.

The biggest advantages that you would get would be

  • Customization of your boat and your equipment
  • The cost advantage. This would only cost you for the material

A number of DIY customized item installation videos are available online and you also have the liberty to
select for yourself the types of storage containers, protective bags (like zipper bags) and other stuff to make the dead space usable.

Whether you buy a system or build one for yourself, it is all about enjoying your fishing trip.

A non-existent or poorly organized tackle system can ruin your day.

It is very important for professional Anglers to invest in the best-suited tackle system.

Though these are not complicated items, the proper organization of the gear is of prime
importance to make his efforts count.

So, when you plan to go fishing, also plan to take with yourself a tackle organizer system so you can conveniently
find everything.

Bottom Line

That completes are article on “Boat Tackle Organizer Systems”. Here are some bottom line words.

A built-in storage locker compartment in a Bass boat is the Bass boat tackle storage.

A universal system that can be built into any boat is the Simple View Tackle system. A DIY tackle organizer system for vessels and fishing boats is Cook’s GO-TO TACKLE STORAGE.

The Easy View Tackle Device offers various combinations of items to meet the needs of the consumer. The Go-To Tackle Storage system from Cook consists of U-shaped metal racks with hanger holes that can be screwed on any inner surface of the ships.

We hope you enjoyed this article on Boat Tackle Organizer Systems. Now that you’re geared up with your new boat tackle box, how bout some boating shoes. Check out best boat shoes for fishing

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