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long distance surf casting rods

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UPDATED: 12/02/2020

I don’t need to go into detail on why surf fishing is such a great thing to do if you’re searching for long distance surf casting rods. Chances are, you already know how wonderful it is to be fishing from the beach. However, fishing off the beach does have a drawback to it at times. That problem is being able to cast your bait as far away from the shoreline as possible. So how do you cast farther?

Chances are that you may need to switch up your rod. When you’re surf fishing you need distance and by switching your rod to gain the ability to get that extra distance. In our last post, we went over long distance surf casting reels. If you already have a long distance casting reel then continue reading, otherwise be sure to check out that post.

Today, we will go over the best long distance surf casting rods which goes hand in hand with your reel. We will help you to find the best long distance casting rods and what we consider to be some of the best casting rods when it comes to surf fishing.

We will also go over some tips and tricks to help you maximize your casting distance. As always, we will get straight to the point and show you our top casting rods to gain distance. If you want to learn more tips and tricks continue reading.

Top 10 Best Long Distance Surf Casting Rods

 Penn Carnage II Surf Casting Fishing Rod
Penn Carnage II Surf Casting Fishing RodYESCheck Price⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
 Okuma's Hawaiian HCS Custom TechniqueOkuma’s Hawaiian HCS Custom TechniqueYESCheck Price⭐⭐⭐⭐
 Penn Prevail Surf Casting Fishing RodPenn Prevail Surf Casting Fishing RodYESCheck Price⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
 Tica Surf Casting Fishing RodTica Surf Casting Fishing RodYESCheck Price⭐⭐⭐⭐
 Penn Battalion Surf Casting RodPenn Battalion Surf Casting RodYESCheck Price⭐⭐⭐⭐
 Tica FISB Fly Casting Fishing RodTica FISB Fly Casting Fishing RodYESCheck Price⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
 Okuma Aventa Center Pin Float RodOkuma Aventa Center Pin Float RodYESCheck Price⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
 Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite RodsOkuma Longitude Surf Graphite RodsYESCheck Price⭐⭐⭐⭐
 Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S ComboAbu Garcia Ambassadeur S ComboYESCheck Price⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
 Fiblink Surf Casting Fishing Rod 2-PieceFiblink Surf Casting Fishing Rod 2-PieceYESCheck Price⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Penn Carnage II Surf Casting Fishing Rod

Penn Carnage II Surf Casting Fishing Rod

If you’re looking for distance and a rod capable of taking your bait casting to the next level then the Penn Carnage II Surf Casting Fishing Rod might be what you’re looking for. This new generation of super light yet very powerful rods is engineered to work great with braided fishing lines. These rods will handle any extra strain that’s created with braided fishing lines and is able to handle any game fish. These new sls3 blank constructions give a very thin diameter blank in return creates a smaller and lighter rod.


Okuma’s Hawaiian HCS Custom Technique

Okuma's Hawaiian HCS Custom Technique 

So you want a rod that’s able to cast out from shore to snag those Ulua’s (giant trevally) then the Okuma’s Hawaiian HCS Custom Technique is the rod of choice. If giant trevally is what you’re after then you need to get some distance with your casting and this rod will do just that. This rod features a custom abalone wrap and a stainless steel rod butt. Also equipped with bell holders so you can cast your pole, sit back and enjoy. Features a Fuji reel seat and “Hilo style” guides with a 1-year warranty.

Penn Prevail Surf Casting Fishing Rod

Penn Prevail Surf Casting Fishing Rod 

Penn Prevail Surf Casting Fishing Rod is a 2 piece graphite composite blank. It includes a graphite reel seat, stainless steel guides with an aluminum oxide inserts. Also featured in the PRESF2040C12 Model are rubber shrink tube handles for an extremely comfortable grip. This rod is on the stiffer side but once you get the hang of it, casting far will be no issue. It’s a very lightweight rod with a great backbone. The perfect surf rod since it provides a lot of space from the butt to the reel.

Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod

Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod 

Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod is a great rod when it comes to surf fishing. This rod is constructed of high modulus TC2 graphite. The high-grade titanium oxide ring guides and Fuji aluminum oxide ring tip top guide. It has a TICA APS graphite reel seat and superior non-slip cork tape handle which provides a comfortable grip. designed for SE and West coast surf fishing for perch, salmon, and stripers.

Penn Battalion Surf Casting Rod

Penn Battalion Surf Casting Rod

Penn Battalion Surf Casting Rod is a 12 foot 2 piece fast, heavy rod. Designed and best used with six to twelve-ounce lures and ready for 25 pounds to a 50-pound fishing line. Equipped with 9 guides this conventional surf rod will pump out some distance. With an eight to twelve lead rating and goes great with the Penn fathom 15-star drag reel. It really shines on an upper-end range. This lightweight yet aggressive rod will take you far!

Tica FISB Fly Casting Fishing Rod

Tica FISB Fly Casting Fishing Rod 

The Tica FISB Fly Casting Fishing Rod is constructed of high modulus 30T graphite material. Need a rod with perfect parabolic action? Then the Tica FISB is it. Equipped with a Light and sensitive blank with high-quality walnut reel seat and a stainless steel snake guide. Has a stainless steel keeper and amazing yet elegant cosmetics. It is a 3 piece casting rod coming in at 15 feet. Perfect for those far throws and long distance casting.

Okuma Aventa Center Pin Float Rod

Okuma Aventa Center Pin Float Rod 

The Okuma Aventa Center Pin Float Rod represents exceptional value when it comes to smooth-casting and highly dependable float rods. These rods come with a sensitive graphite blank construction which makes it well balanced. Featuring a tall frame guide for line control and aluminum oxide guide inserts. The handle is of a high-quality fore and rear cork grip which makes it very comfortable to hold. Perfect for bait casting and or sliding.

Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods

Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods 

Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods have a high-density graphite material and over-sized double footed aluminum oxide guides. These rods come with stainless steel hooded graphite reel seats and also equipped with soft-touch EVA cushions both top and bottom of the reel seat. It comes with Pac Bay rubber butt caps to prevent slippage. These 2 piece rod blanks are available in 8 feet and 12-foot lengths. Okuma offers quality and value combined into one. You may want to consider this your next surf rod.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Combo

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Combo 

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Combo comes with Duragearbrass gear which gives it extended gear life. Equipped with 4 stainless steel ball bearings and 1 roller bearing which provides smooth operation in a one-piece graphite frame. Get smooth drag performance with the power disk drag system. 24-Ton graphite for a lightweight and well-balanced design. Not as tall as the other rods coming in at 8 feet 6 inches but still able to give you some distance with shore casting. The reel isn’t bad but you may want to consider switching to get a better distance with your casting.

Fiblink Surf Casting Fishing Rod 2-Piece

Fiblink Surf Casting Fishing Rod 2-Piece 

The Fiblink Surf Casting Fishing Rod is 2-Piece surf rod. With improved performance-action and increased sensitivity with the nice sleek graphite construction. Stainless steel and ceramic guides give this rod a smooth polished protecting line. With non-slip rubber shrink tube handle and tapered rear grip makes it a comfortable to hold the rod. Wheel seat with stainless steel tapered hood transitions above and below the reel seat protecting cap. Designed for durability and toughness this rod has the perfect strength to weight ration. 12-foot rod with a 1-year warranty

Surf Casting Tips

Here are some tips when casting from the beach. Practice makes perfect and if it helps, you could also practice your casting at an empty park or large field. Getting the correct angle, degrees and motion with your casting will all help with your casting distance.

Casting Fundamentals

  • You’re lure or bait will move with your rod tip before it’s stopped.
  • Preload your rod by casting slowly then proceed to accelerate your speed right before you stop the rod (casting quickly can cause your lure or bait to move way to fast creating an effect that won’t fully pull on your rod).
  • Stop your rod without lowering your tip at your target.
  • Create distance with your casting stroke to get more load on your rod.

Knowing these fundamentals let’s now look at some techniques to gain you distance when surf casting.



Be sure to have a firm grip on your rod and keep your hands close together so that you don’t create unnecessary slack.

If you’re casting a spinner be sure not to prematurely release your line. To avoid this situation tries placing two fingers in front of your reel stem and two fingers behind.

Using your index finger, move your hand back so that only your index finger is in front of the stem.

Now pull the lineup and toward the back to gently press your finger against the steam (not the line)

Take note of the weight of your lure to get an idea of how to cast it.

If you’re casting a heavy lure or bait, try using a puncture-proof fishing glove so that the line doesn’t cut your finger.


Sling-Shot Stance

For the slingshot stance if you’re right handed then place your left foot forward. Leave your right foot pointing at around thirty degrees to the right of your target. Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart. Too much distance with your feet then you won’t be able to rotate your hips during the cast. Keep your knees slightly bent and leave your lure or bait hanging down about two feet from your rod’s tip. Keep your elbows in place while you slightly rotate your hips and shoulders to move your rod tip straight back.

Sling your wrist and be sure to stop the rod at about three-thirty to the horizon. Your rod hand should be at or around ear level and not past your rear shoulder. Make sure your forearm points at around one o’clock.

By holding your rod in this position it makes it easier for you to cast your bait without lowering your rod tip from your target line. Be sure to move your right arm and keep it in sync with your body’s rotation.

Last shift your weight to your back foot.

The Actual Cast

Lead with your elbow then begin to slowly, to move your right arm with your body rotation.

Quickly move the rod and butt of the rod perpendicular to your target line by pushing up with your right hand and pulling down with your left hand.

Once your right arm is extended about three-quarters you should be at max speed then break both of your wrists halfway.

You’ll want to stop the rod at an 11 o’clock position and release your line. Keep all your weight on the ball of your toes while keeping your front leg straight.

The reason behind this is to not lose power while casting. Another reason is, if your arm gets in front of your body you have a higher chance to prematurely lower your rod tip while casting.

Gain Extra Distance

You know the above techniques but still, need to gain that extra distance to cast at a longer distance.

Although this is about surf fishing, we can learn a few tricks from the fly casters.

For this technique, you’ll want a different stance.

Start by holding the rod across your body. Keep your right arm extended around three quarters, Your right hand should be shoulder level.

Keep your rod tip pointing forward at roughly 45 degrees to the right of your target line and 30 degrees above the horizon fold.

Your weight should be on your front foot. When casting keep your right elbow pointing down while adjusting and shifting your weight to the back.

Move your rod tip up and back in an oval motion till you’re back in a slingshot stance. Following through and not stopping during this motion proceed to do the slingshot cast.

Setting Your Hook

Here’s how to get a more powerful hook set. As you retrieve your lure holds the rod across your body.

This helps with fatigue. Keep your rod balanced with your right hand. The rod butt should be under your left armpit.

Keep your weight on your left foot while your right foot remains in the back.

Once you get a strike, point your rod towards your lure and quickly take up the slack while ripping the rod tip up and towards the back as far as you can. All in one quick motion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we end this article let’s cover some frequently asked questions

Can I surf fish with a 7 foot rod?

Oh Yeah, you can. The troughs situated only a few feet from the beach include a large number of fish.

How long should a surf fishing rod be?

Usually, surf fishing rods are between 9 and 14 feet long, offering a large variety of lengths to choose from. Length is a major factor in considering the purchase of a surf fishing rod. First and foremost, considering the physical skill of the angler is imperative.

What is the best time to surf fish?

The best time for surf fishing is about 10 a.m. before dawn and two hours before sunset. The fish are fed, thus exposed, during these periods.


We hope you enjoyed this review on Long Distance Surf Casting Rods and we also hope you found this information to be helpful. If you enjoy reading our reviews you may also like our post on long distance surf casting reels which will also help with your long distance surf casting rods. Pair the two together along with the tips and tricks found here and on the other post and you got yourself a long distance casting combo!

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