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Sturgeon Fishing Guide

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Sturgeon fishing offers a rush of adrenaline for anglers. To maximize your chances, gear up with a 6 to 9-foot single-piece rod, preferably a musky rod or robust freshwater gear.

Equip your reel with a line that can bear at least 80 pounds and stretch up to 250 yards; braided lines are top picks. As bottom-feeders, sturgeons love snails, crayfish, and aquatic insects, making nightcrawlers, salmon eggs, and cut bait ideal choices.

When rigging, the sliding sinker rig is a favorite. Cast your line in deep holes, channels, or drop-offs in subtropical and temperate waters, but remember, patience is key.

Sturgeons might play hard to get, but with these tips and a commitment to sustainable practices like catch-and-release, you’re set for success.

Best Time & Day To Fish For Sturgeon Fishing

best time of year for Sturgeon Fishing

When it comes to sturgeon fishing, timing can be everything, but it often depends on your location and the season. Generally, early mornings and late evenings are prime times, though these fish can bite anytime.

While there’s no “best” day of the week, summer months, especially July and August, are often peak seasons, but some regions offer year-round opportunities.

Sturgeon are particularly active during low light, so cloudy days or those dawn and dusk hours can be golden.

Additionally, incoming tides tend to make them more active, making high tide a favorable window. Always ensure you’re up-to-date with local regulations and have the required permits before embarking on your fishing adventure.

Best Fishing Equipment and Gear for Sturgeon

Best bait to use for Sturgeon Fishing

Ready to tackle the mighty sturgeon? Here’s your quick and snazzy guide to gear up:

  • Rod:
  • Reel:
    • Go for something sturdy. Sturgeons don’t play around!
  • Line:
    • Strength again is the mantra. Braided line? That’s what most pros are using.
  • Bait:
    • Remember, sturgeons love the bottom buffet: snails, crayfish, shrimp, worms, and aquatic bugs.
    • Hot baits? Nightcrawlers, salmon eggs, and cut bait are the way to go.
  • Rig:
    • The sliding sinker rig is your best friend here.
  • Other gear:

Remember, your location, bait choice, and personal style all play a part. So, gear up, get out there, and may the sturgeons be ever in your favor! 🎣

Sturgeon Fishing Tips & Tricks

how to properly rig bait for Sturgeon Fishing

For a successful sturgeon fishing adventure, gear up with strong rods, reels, and lines, especially a rod with a soft tip or a 10-12′ surf casting rod designed for these mighty fish.

Opt for baits like nightcrawlers, salmon eggs, and cut bait, as sturgeons, being bottom-feeders, love snails, crayfish, and aquatic insects. The sliding sinker rig is a top choice for bait rigging.

Aim to fish during low light conditions like early mornings, late evenings, or cloudy days, and scout for deep holes, channels, or drop-offs in subtropical and temperate waters.

Patience is crucial, as sturgeons might take their time to bite. Tools like fish finders can be game-changers, and always ensure you have gloves and a net for safe handling.

Adhering to local regulations and promoting catch-and-release will help sustain the sturgeon population. Happy fishing!

Fishing Rigs For Sturgeon

What hook is best for Sturgeon Fishing

Let’s break it down for you:

  • Bell Sinker and Hook Rig:
    • The quick and easy choice: Just slide on a bell sinker, add a slit-shot about 3 feet from the hook, and let it rest on the bottom.
  • Spinning Rod Rig:
    • Shore angling’s star: A hefty spinning rod, especially a 10-12′ surf casting one, is perfect for those big sturgeons.
  • Soft Tip Rod Rig:
    • Feel the bite: A rod with a soft tip is the way to go. The Shimano Tallus Blue Water Series 8′ 40-60 rods come highly recommended.
  • Circle Hook Rig:
    • Snell it right: An 18″ snell with a 5/0 circle hook, paired with nightcrawlers or frozen emerald shiners, is a classic choice.
  • Sand Shrimp Rig:
    • Bait it best: Use sand shrimp as bait, and here’s a pro tip – rub some sand shrimp pro-cure on your hands to ditch any human scent before baiting up.

Remember, your choice of rig should vibe with your location, bait or lure type, and of course, your personal style. So, gear up and let the sturgeon adventures begin!

Bottom Line

we dived deep into the world of sturgeon fishing, from the best times to cast your line to the nitty-gritty of gear selection. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, these tips are your treasure map to sturgeon success.

Remember, it’s not just about the catch; it’s about the thrill of the chase, the serenity of nature, and the stories you’ll have to share. So, with your newfound knowledge, gear up, respect the environment, and embark on an unforgettable sturgeon quest.

Here’s to the tales you’ll tell and the memories you’ll make. Tight lines and happy fishing adventures! 🎣🌊🐟

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