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SEAC Men’s Body-Fit 1.5mm Neoprene Wetsuit, Camo, Medium

  • Camouflaged 1-piece wetsuit made from standard 1.5mm nylon
  • Pre-formed and anatomically pre-angled arms and legs
  • Smooth Skin wrist and ankle seals reduce water flushing, keeping you warmer
  • Tatex polyurethane knee protection for maximum durability
  • 2mm Melco tape provides chest and sternum protection from seams


SEAC Wetsuit

This 1-piece SEAC Body-Are compatible Wetsuit is made of 1.5mm nylon with flat outer stitching and an exclusive green-and-blue camouflage pattern that allows you to blend into the ocean background.

Pre-formed and pre-angled legs and arms give a contribution to a comfortable anatomic cut that allows you to breathe more easily, reducing fatigue.

Smooth Skin wrist and ankle seals keep your skin dry.

Knees are safe with Tatex polyurethane. Sternum safe from abrasion by 2mm Melco tape.

  • Camouflaged 1-piece wetsuit constructed from 1.5 mm nylon
  • Pre-formed and anatomically pre-angled legs and arms
  • Smooth Skin wrist and ankle seals scale back water flushing, keeping you warmer
  • Tatex polyurethane knee protection for optimum durability
  • 2mm Melco tape provides chest and sternum protection from seams


As with most wetsuits, you have to buy a size up from what you normally wear. This is a great wetsuit that is easy to get on and off.


The SEAC Men’s Body-Fit 1.5mm Neoprene Wetsuit has a stylish black and blue camouflage print pattern. This allows you to blend in with the background of the ocean allowing you to get up close an personal with your game fish.

Seac Wetsuit Review

Seac Wetsuit offers a 2 mm tape which helps to protect the chest and sternum from water against your skin. Combined with sealed wrist and ankle seals the seac wetsuit will keep you warm and also dry. An adjustable neck closure combines with knee reinforcements to make a custom fit design that is incredibly durable. A stylish black and blue camouflaged design help disguise you under the water.

SEAC Wetsuit Review

Deep sea diving is not an easy task. There are countless things that can go wrong, divers try to control as many factors as they can by safeguarding against what they know to expect from the ocean (or any other water body). In order to protect themselves from the change in temperature and keep their bodies warm, divers use wetsuits. The SEAC wetsuit meets all standard quality standards and then some! It is a 1.5 mm neoprene wetsuit that is developed by the company for male divers. It comes with preformed and pre-angled arms and legs with latex polyurethane protection for maximum durability.



  • Material: The build material feels smooth on the skin. Quite comfortable to use for longer durations and the slim wrist finish keeps water from getting in and out too much. Expect it to last for a long time and yet remain as functional as it was when first purchased. It does not shed or wear thin due to constant use. If you are a frequent diver, you would do well to purchase this.
  • Easy to get on and off: In spite of being a one-piece suit and strapping on tightly to the body, the slightly thin chest plate it has makes it quite easy to get it on and off at short intervals of time. You can rely on its effectiveness to serve you well on deep sea diving expeditions. Also, the chest plate makes it easier to reload the spear gun.
  • Well priced: It has not been priced too steeply, thus keeping it within range of most people. It matters not if you dive professionally or for leisure, this suit is priced evenly to meet your needs. Coming in a range of USD 130 to USD 199, an average budget would serve you well.
  • Great ROI: Even if you feel that it is a tad bit extra for your liking, do not worry. Over a period of time, it will pay back its cost. It does not compromise in functionality and remains good to use even if bought second hand. A number of users have appreciated it for being exactly as purposeful as it was, not losing its wrist and ankle grip, protecting the wearer from water.




  • Sizing is off: There has been some criticism over the fact that its sizing is way off the standard scale. Resulting in a waste of time and money for the buyer who had to put in extra to get it replaced. The size chart that it displays does not correspond to the one the buyers have. In order to sort out this issue, the company has advertised that you need to buy one size up from what you usually wear.


In the end:

The SEAC wetsuit serves the purpose well, purchase it keeping in mind the particular size you need. Even if you get it wrong, you can always get it replaced. The green and blue camouflage lends additional flair.

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