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The Best Surfboards for Intermediate Surfers

best surfboards for intermediate surfers
Surfing has become everybody’s best go-to beach activity. Children, adults, even the aged people love to surf on the waves no matter if it’s the coast of Hawaii or the high waves of California.
Having an ideal surfboard is what lets you have an awesome experience in the water.
Surfboards were quite big and heavy in the past but nowadays, the lighter and smaller surfboards are the hottest trend among surfers. But what are the types or brands of the best surfboards for you if you really love surfing?
If you are an intermediate surfer, you must know that to ride the waves, you need to know the characteristics of a good surfboard. The smallest of the details in surfboards can be the biggest ones to actually determine how well you surf on the water.
There are tons of brands, makes, and models of surfboards available in the market. But for an intermediate surfer choosing between a plethora of options, is quite a hectic job. Finding the one that best fits your needs is not only a difficult job, it also takes a lot of time to find the one on a budget. We’ve made a list of some of the best surfboards that are easily available in the market and go easy on your pocket.

Intermediate Surfboard List

The list below is in no particular order and is just random and what we consider to be some of the best surfboards for intermediate surfers. So please be sure to read through all boards and also do your own due diligence when choosing a surfboard. Without further ado here is the list.


1. Hydenshapes Hypto Krypto

Hydenshapes Hypto Krypto
Hydenshapes Hypto Krypto is one of the most popular surfboards with users from almost every corner of the world. The board looks and feels just like a pro surfboard but it is specially designed for the intermediate surfers. With a very moderate height and width, its fast, capable, reliable, and versatile at the same time. It’s a great all-rounder for both intermediate and skilled surfers. It offers a very good quality and lasts longer than a lot of other costly brands.

2. Stacey Surfboards Roach

Stacey Surfboards Roach
Leaving this one off of the list would definitely be an injustice to a lot of intermediate surfers. The Stacey Surfboards Roach offers one of the most surprisingly amazing rides. Designed to handle heavy, big, and the over the head waves easily, Stacey Surfboards Roach lets you have an experience of a lifetime. This particular surfboard is one best choice for the intermediate surfers as well as the pros. It’s not so costly but offers the strength of one at best.

3. Gold Coast Surfboards

gold coast surfboard

Gold Coast surfboards is a pretty decent surfboard for intermediate surfers. The company is dedicated to sourcing only the best materials and best manufacturing. Gold Coast holds itself to the highest of standards when producing each and every surfboard. The reason is simple, they want you to truly enjoy the water!


4. Wavestorm Surfboard

wavestorm surfboard

Wavestorm Surfboards stand out as one of the best quality surfboards in the market. With high-density EPS to fit your needs. No matter you are a beginner, intermediate, or a pro level surfer, these boards are a must have if you love surfing. All those who look for an old-school touch and prefer custom-built boards that offer the best performance, Wavestorm Surfboards is the brand for you. If you want an absolute quality product, look no further.


5. Wave Bandit Performer Tri, Surfboards

Wave Bandit Performer Tri
For all those who prefer high-performance shortboards, wave bandit Surfboards is the ultimate name of quality. It features high-performance fish shape and rocker with twin wood stringers and a dual-composite core of high-pressure construction for great maximum stiffness. It also has a great high-density slick bottom and special 4.5-inch performance thruster fin set. This board is great for beginners and kids learning to surf. Intermediate users can benefit from this board as well if you’re on a budget.

6. Levitate 8’ Soft Surfboard Funboard

Levitate 8’ Soft Surfboard Funboard
The most affordable soft surfboard on the market that performs great and won’t fall apart! Wide, stable, and durable for easy use by beginners, with great maneuverability for intermediates. Soft skin and polyurethane flex fins keep riders safe, heat laminated design with double stringers provide for an ultra-tough and lightweight board. 7’ option great for riders up to 120 lbs, 8’ option great for riders up to 200 lbs.

7. NSP Soft Surfboard

NSP Soft Surfboard

The NSP Soft School Fish in our proprietary soft surfboard construction is a great option from the beginner surfer looking to take their surfing to the next level, or the weekend warrior looking to add a fun fish to their board collection. This wide template fish shape with generous rocker and pulled in nose and tail templates allow riders of all skill levels to have fun. With the full soft deck and rails, rubber nose and tail bumpers, and FCS compatible fin system (Soft fins included), this is the perfect option for everyone.


8. Gold Coast Hybrid Soft Top Surfboards

Gold Coast Surfboards Hybrid Soft Top Surfboard

Gold Coast Hybrid Soft Top Surfboards are perfect for individuals who want to have every surfing day as a chill day on the beach. For both low and high waves, this particular board is a perfect board for both the intermediate and pro level surfers. The futuristic touch to its shape makes it fast enough to get on the waves quicker and easier. Gold Coast Hybrid Soft Top Surfboards offer more control, steadiness, and strength altogether.


9. BIC Sport G-Board EVO Surfboard

BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard

As one of the longest, lightest, and reliable surfboards, BIC Sport G-Board EVO Surfboard offers tri-fin setup. In any condition, BIC Sport G-Board EVO Surfboard stands out as the perfect one because of its versatility. The strong epoxy core offers high density. The round edges are specially designed to offer a great look and feel.


10. California Board Company

California Board Company Surfboard

The California Board Company offers some of the most economical and reliable surfboards. Their specially designed foam boards are constructed with the EPS core. This makes these boards waterproof, lightweight, and durable at the same time. The Polyethylene base and faux wood top make it more surfing friendly. No matter you are an intermediate or a pro level surfer, this surfboard serves you really well. The board also comes with a Polyurethane leash and a tri-fin setup.



So there you have it. Some of The Best Surfboards for Intermediate Surfers. We hope you enjoyed this review and we will be expanding and covering more surfing topics so be sure to bookmark and also follow us on facebook and Instagram. Let us know what topic you’d like us to cover next! till next time, enjoy and keep on shredding those waves!

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