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Hammerhead Proteus Spearguns (Reels Not Included) (75 Centimeters)

  • Hammerhead Proteus Spearguns
  • Fully railed barrel
  • Power X-change bands with nylon coated Dyneema™ wishbones and bridles.
  • Mono shooting line and front-end standard bungee
  • Reel ready
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Hammerhead Proteus Speargun

Hammerhead proteus speargun offers a fully railed, single band and closed muzzle speargun which makes it fast and easy to reload. Coupled with a helix-power band

and 17/54 stainless steel shaft.

The handle comes with a line release, built-in clip, and safety which allows for tagging up to the line or clipping on to a fish stringer.

The Hammerhead Proteus speargun is extremely versatile and easy to use. Able to adapt to any water conditions the hammerhead proteus speargun is a perfect choice.

A single Hawaiian Flopper style shaft “HF MODEL” is accommodated with the hammerhead proteus speargun.

Designed for resilient situations the hammerhead proteus speargun is able to withstand any vigorous situation placed in its way.

Equipped with a dynamic arsenal of spearheads this immaculate speargun is ready to go!

Versatile, Adaptable, and Capable is the perfect description of the new HammerHead ProteusTM Speargun. Protean and compact the Proteus begins with a fully railed barrel, X-PowerTM Band, and enclosed muzzle.

From there the Proteus can accommodate either a single Hawaiian Flopper style shaft (HF model) or a 6 mm threaded shaft which can accommodate a variety of spear-heads from single rock points, trident’s, 3-prongs, 5-prongs, and spinner tips.

Hammerhead Proteus Features:

  • Fully railed barrel
  • Power X-change bands with nylon coated DyneemaTM wishbones and bridles.
  • Mono shooting line and front-end standard bungee
  • Reel ready
  • Fully railed barrel.
  • Closed muzzle.
  • Power Helix bands with Metal Coil bridles.
  • Handle comes reel ready, line release, safety mechanism, built-in clip and large loading pad.
  • Mono shooting line and front-end standard bungee.
  • Variety of shaft and spear-head combinations available.
  • NORCAL & PACIFIC NW – Rockfish & Halibut
  • SOCAL & BAJA – Kelp Bass, Halibut, & Sheaphead
  • HAWAII – Menpachi, Alohehole, Kole, & Night Diving
  • FLORIDA & GULF -Snapper, Porgy, Sheaphead
  • EAST COAST – Fluke, Tautog, & Black Sea Bass
  • FRESHWATER – Yellow Perch, Walleye, & Carp

Size: Proteus HF (Hawaiian Flopper) 75 HHE0862 37.5″ 25.5″ 5/8″ x 24″ 17/64″ x 40 inches


The Hammerhead Speargun Proteus Review


Hammerhead Proteus Spearguns

Up to the task but a little less

It is versatile, capable and adaptable according to its makers. Capable of being put into a variety of uses, it comes with a stainless steel handle that comes treated with heat for sustaining durability under water. It is a single band fully railed spear gun. The Hammerhead Speargun Proteus 50 is only manufactured by Hammerhead.


  • Closed Muzzle: The closed end of the Hammerhead Speargun Proteus 50 provides easy reloading even under water. Unlike most other variants in this section, you do not have to wait for the water to drain out or force the rail by pushing in at times of use. The covered muzzle ensures that you reload within the minimum time and have a second go at shooting your target.
  • Safety mechanism: At times when the gun is not in use, it is kept loaded to provide quick application when needed. Sometimes, due to carelessness or improper handling, it stands of firing up accidentally. Not with this one, it comes with a safety mechanism that has to be turned off before being put into use.
  • Combinations of spearhead and shaft available: Most spear guns come suited for only a particular kind of fish. But with this one, you can put it into multiple uses. All you have to do is to change the head with any of the multiple options available and you are good to go. This feature allows us to save both o space and money, for you only have to carry one where ever you go and not buy another.
  • The single band needs no wrapping: The single band approach makes it easy to shoot. Pull it back after it gets firmly planted in its prey and it rolls back without compromising on the tension or speed of the spear. It is ideal for both the occasional and professional fisherman.


  • Troublesome handle: Although the safety has been provided to add safety to the gun, it has made the handle more cumbersome than before. Those who have used it at sea complained that it does not go off as smoothly as it should have, resulting in the prey getting away.
  • The reel is not included: After spending an amount on procuring the gun, you have to spend further to buy the reel that is needed to attach to it. This additional cost to bear might be a turn off considering that most of its competition sells without asking the customer to spend additionally.


Once it settles in your hand, you will realize the benefits that it brings. Unseasoned users might think it unwieldy but those who have been looking to upgrade on their present spear guns can consider this option. They will be getting the added benefit of upgrading the same Hammerhead product to the next one.


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